Workout Wednesday #7

I have mentioned previously in a blog post about how I love incorporating metabolic conditioning circuits as part of my cardio routine as opposed to long drawn out sessions on the treadmill or cross trainer. Fan girl moment happened when Jen Sinkler actually retweeted the post to all her followers on twitter 🙂

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exciting moment having something you have done endorsed by an expert!

I have been using them with a couple of my clients too (Hi Ellie and Alex) at the end of each of their sessions to get some cardio work in. They usually only last 10 to 15minutes at the most but leave them gasping for breath and lying on the floor. However, ask them whether they would prefer to do this or a 40minute run and I think I know what answer will be, as much as they hate them (and me) at the time!

They are great if you are short on time, hate traditional cardio methods, or you just want to change your workout up an do something different. Interval training performed at high intensities has been shown to be a great fat burning tool. This is down to a few things; higher muscle preservation,higher anaerobic work capacity and it enables you to increase your metabolism due to the body burning more calories post workout as it tries to replace the oxygen consumed during your session. Winning all round.

So I thought I would share a few options which we have completed in the past couple of weeks to maybe inspire you to try next time you are at the gym, or if you just want a short sharp and effective workout at home!

starburst-clip-art-outline-0808-0710-1513-0851Workout 1
How do you make battle ropes harder? Add in burpees.

30seconds battle ropes : 90seconds complete rest
Repeat 8 times.Untitled design-42

During the battle ropes I would randomly shout Ellie to do get down and do a burp, her absolute worst exercise, however she found she was willing me to shout due to the hard intensity of the battle ropes! Check out my instagram for a short video!
These are hard, so make sure you fully have your breath back before each high interval, we worked off around 90seconds but sometimes was less, sometimes was more. if 8 rounds seems a lot, then you can start with 4 or 5 to begin with.
starburst-clip-art-outline-0808-0710-1513-0851Workout 2
Numb bum alert!

Rower sprints

200m sprint : 90seconds rest08a375343c9d36c33c5c4a60f6755960
Repeat 4 times.

Four times may not seem like a lot, but trust me if you are going all out on the sprints it will be plenty! Put the rower on level 5 and aim to do each sprint as fast as possible, keep good form and power through each one. Remember there are only 4 so give it your all on each one. Again moderate your own rest times, but on average 90seconds should be about right, stand up and walk around to get your breath back if needed.
Try and beat your previous weeks split times, or add an extra interval in for some progression.
You could also swap out the rower for another piece of cardiovascular machinery, i like to use the spinning bike with resistance or you could try the cross trainer. Just make sure you are working as hard as possible on the intervals to get the best results.

starburst-clip-art-outline-0808-0710-1513-0851Workout 3 
No equipment necessary.

Burpees x 20seconds
Rest 20seconds
Bodyweight squat jumps x 20seconds
Rest 20seconds
Mountain Climbers x 20seconds
Rest 20seconds
High Knees x 20seconds
Rest 20seconds

Repeat 4 times through.

burpeesThis one can be done at home if you don’t have access to a gym as you don’t need any equipment. Similarly you can swap different exercises or add weights if you would like. Again, 4 times through may not seem like a lot but you should be panting and out of breath at the end. Rest times are short at 20seconds, but if you find this too easy/hard then alter as needed.

Make sure you complete each exercise with proper form, jump up and out on the burpees; get nice a low with your squats; make sure knees are coming all the way into your chest with mountain climbers, and lift your knees up as high as possible on the final exercise. You are only cheating yourself if you don’t!

Give these a try and let me know how you get on. Make sure you warm up properly beforehand to prepare yourself and reduce the risk of injury.


Love Abi xxxx


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