Workout Wednesday #6…thailand edition 2

I have just put a short video up on my instagram account of this short flute finisher circuit which I did one morning whilst in Thailand. I got a hip circle resistance band just before I went away and have been absolutely loving it! It is great for creating added tension on the glutes. I have been using it in my warm ups before doing squats and deadlifts to get the glutes fired and prepped ready for the big lifts and have found that it really helps with that mind to muscle connection. But I have also been implementing it during my glute finishers like this one. I would highly recommend investing in one, but if you don’t have one then a regular resistance band will create a similar feeling.


I did a blog post about glute finishers previously after being inspired by Sohee lee and Bret Contreras, and I am still loving implementing them at the end of workouts. I do a variation of hip flexion, hip extension and hip abduction exercises to really target all areas of the glute for multiple reps and sets.

Here is one variation of a circuit which I like to do and it is also great because apart from the band you don’t need any other equipment so you can do it whilst travelling or if you workout from home. These are just photo snapshots to try and give you an idea of the exercise but if you want the full video then here is the link to my instagram page where you can see the proper form! 

A1) Banded bodyweight squats x 15

*ensure you are getting low enough and focus on forcing your knees out against the resistance of the band


A2) Banded Glute Bridge x 15

*focus on pushing your weight through your heels as you lift up and really squeeze at the top


A3) Banded lying abductions x 15

*keep you hips high and contract the glutes as you force your knees apart and back


A4) Reverse Lunges x 15each leg 

*try and get your back knee to touch the floor and focus on bringing the weight through your heels as you come back up, if struggling for balance then widen your stance a little bit


A5) In and out Jump Squats x 15

*I like to jump in and out on these, but you can just do regular jump squats if you prefer. Ensure that you land softly in order to protect your knees after explosively jumping up from the bottom of the squat. These are a great plyometric exercise which will improve your explosive power as well as elevating your heart rate!

Untitled design-21


Wish I was working out with this view and temperatures tomorrow! Short shorts are back in hiding now until summer! Let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions!


Love Abi xxxx


Ps I think one of my goals for 2016 should be to try and improve my photography skills, these are just snapshots from the videos I was able to take so apologies for the quality!


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