Workout Wednesday #3 …inspired by Sohee Fit

I have mentioned ‘the Glute Guy’ Bret Contreras on here a couple of times and how I have used a couple of his methods in my training to try and grow my glutes and get stronger. I follow him on all social media platforms and recently saw that he re-tweeted an athlete called Sohee Fit. I clicked on her profile and spent some time reading her profile. In brief, Sohee is a bikini competitor, but has also competed in power lifting, she is a certified strength coach, “right hand gal” of Layne Norton and is coached by Bret Contreras. She is a huge advocate of flexible dieting and in preparation for her recent bikini show (which she won!) she ran an experiment where she ate a Snickers Bar every day to show that you can incorporate the foods you like into your diet (in moderation) and achieve the desired results. I knew on first glances that I was going to like this girl!

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Check out this incredible inspiring athlete on twitter and Instagram @soheefit.

It was not only her take on nutrition which really resonated with me but also her training methods, and in particular how she structures her workouts. Sohee places a huge emphasis on the importance of compound lifts, ie Squat, Deadlift and Bench and prioritizes these movements, with accessory work coming afterwards. Lifting heavy, and ‘dominating’ the weights room is the way to success. I knew that by having Bret Contreras as her coach that a lot of her training would be glute specific.

In the article detailing her Bikini competition prep, Sohee noted that she would do 10 minutes of glute specific work at the end of her workouts ‘to help shape the glutes and provide conditioning work.’ I have been incorporating this sort of glute circuit at the end of my workouts too so was intrigued to see what sort of things Sohee was doing. There was a link to her YouTube channel and on there are currently 11 diferent circuits. Obviously I had to give them a go!


The first one I attempted was Glute Circuit #8


Perform two to three rounds of the following:

A1. Barbell hip thrust with band around knees x20
A2. Band hip abduction from floor x20
A3. Single-leg bodyweight hip thrust with band around knees x10e/s
A4  Band hip thrust with band around knees x20
A5. Bodyweight hip thrust with band around knees x20
A7. Band hip abduction at top of hip thrust position x20


Obviously my gym doesn’t have a hip thrust machine, (although I am nagging the owner to get one!) so my set up was slightly different in that I did it with a step on top of some mats to achieve the desired height. My glutes were seriously burning up after this circuit! You do tend to get some funny looks from people in the gym as some of the exercises aren’t very common, but I am so focused on contracting my glutes and feeling the burn that I no longer notice and just get on with what I am doing!



The second one I tried out on Saturday morning was Glute Circuit #10


Perform three rounds of the following:

A1. Bodyweight back extension with glute emphasis x15

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A2. Standing band hip abduction x15 e/s

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A3. Deficit goblet reverse lunge x15 e/s

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A4. Banded step-out to squat x15 e/s

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I really enjoyed this circuit too. In regards to the back extension with glute emphasis, I also saw a couple of days previously a video on the Instagram channel of Ollie Foster where he showed himself dropping his chin at the top of the movement. He noted that this prevents placing too much stress on the lower back and really focuses on keeping the load on the glutes and hamstrings when contracting at the top.  Therefore I modified my movement when doing this exercise to what he recommended and really felt the benefits.



I love finding new athletes and people to follow on social media, it provides that extra kick of motivation that you sometimes need. How Sohee trains and advocates flexible dieting really resonated with me, she is very articulate in how she writes and explains things too. I think she has found herself a new fan girl! I can’t wait to try some more of her glute circuits in my current training programme, and I will also be reading more of her articles to see what other things may not only be of benefit to myself, but also other people.


Love Abi xxxx










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