Workout Wednesday | 2017 reps!

You may have seen this workout on Instagram or Facebook if you are following me on there! (If not, then I would love it if you did 🙂 ) But figured it was too good to not share on here as well!

The idea came from watching Steve Cook’s snapchat on December 31st, where he decided to do 2017 Press ups to bring the new year in! 2017 reps in one workout session, how hard could it be?

We decided to break workout up into ‘supersets’. A superset is just two exercises performed back to back. They can be used if you are short on time in the gym or are wanting to train to separate body parts simultaneously, or simply to increase the volume of your workout.

We wanted to do a full body workout and decided on 5 supersets. Each exercise would be performed for 10 reps, and then each superset is done 10 times through. In-between rounds of supersets, perform 200 skips. This equals 2000 reps. Then to finish, everybody’s favourite….17 burpees!


A1) DB Squat 10×10
A2) DB Shoulder Press 10×10

200 skips

B1) Feet raised flute bridge 10×10
B2) Press Ups 10×10

200 skips

C1) Straight leg DB deadlift 10×10
C2) Bentover DB row 10×10

200 skips

D1) Reverse Lunges 10×10
D2) Abs crunches 10×10

200 skips

E1) Plank shoulder taps 10×10
E2) Donkey Kickbacks 10×10

200 skips

F) 17 Burpees

Take as much or as little rest as you need, but the aim is to complete it as fast as possible but with good form. You don’t need to use heavy weights to make this an effective workout!

Grab a friend and have a go! I think this took us about 30-40minutes to complete so great if you are on a time constraint as well. Or you may simply want to mix things up!

Love Abi xxxx

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