Wish List….

Wish List….

In my phone I have a wish list of items which I would purchase if money were no object, or that I am saving up for as I think they will benefit both my training and nutrition (or I’d simply like them as they look good!’ So I thought that I would share what is on my current list!


I got introduced to ‘courgetti’ spaghetti through the numerous fitness and nutrition blogs and instagram accounts which I follow. I currently make it myself simply by cutting into thin strips, however I would love one of these actual spiraliser contraptions to make it!

Hemsley + Hemsley Spiralizer £29.95 amazon.co.uk

Hemsley + Hemsley Spiralizer
£29.95 amazon.co.uk


Nike Metcon and Nike Flyknit Zoom Agility

I tried some of the Reebok Crossfit Nanos as I had read numerous reviews on how they would benefit my lifting especially squatting and a few people in my gym were sporting them, however I really didn’t like the feel of them at all. Whilst in America I tried on a pair of the Nike Metcons and knew I needed a pair, but decided to wait until the end of the trip to purchase….error as they had sold out everywhere! I did purchase some Nike Free Cross Complete for training instead, and they certainly feel more sturdy than my usual trainer, especially for deadlifting and squatting, but the Metcons are still on top of my wish list!

Nike Metcon 1 £105 nike.com

Nike Metcon 1
£105 nike.com

Flyknits are my favourite style of shoe from Nike; they are so comfortable and light on your feet. I also have a pair of the regular zoom agility trainers, so obviously the next logical step is to own this new pair and the light grey colour is gorgeous! (plus I don’t own a grey pair yet!)


Nike Flyknit Zoom Agility £140 nike.com

Nike Flyknit Zoom Agility
£140 nike.com

Lululemon Beyond Boundaries Pant

If you read my September favourites post you will know that I bought my first pair of Lululemon pants after much deliberation between a few pairs. This pair was on the shortlist and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them since! I love that they are khaki, which is an unusual colour for workout clothes and perfect for autumn/winter season.


Lululemon Beyond Boundaries Pant £98 lululemon.co.uk

Lululemon Beyond Boundaries Pant
£98 lululemon.co.uk

Lululemon Scuba Hoody

Ask anybody who knows me, I am always cold. I have to wear multiple layers to the gym and strip them off as I warm up! This hoody looks like it would keep me nice and cosy throughout the winter!


Lululemon Sciba Hoodie ii £98 lululemon.co.uk

Lululemon Sciba Hoodie ii
£98 lululemon.co.uk

Barbell Pad

I have been avoiding using a barbell for weighted hip thrusts recently at the gym, mainly as I am too lazy to put the bar and plates away when I have finished, but also because I have just been using the leg extension machine which although looks awkward to anybody watching, I really feel it working my glutes. However, I noticed the other day that as I was beginning to use heavier weight, the whole machine was actually lifting off the floor at some points, not good. I just had visions of the machine toppling over with me stuck in it! Therefore I think it’s time to invest in a pad to protect the pelvis region and start using the barbell for this movement once again!

York Barbell Pad £12.99 dolphinfitness.co.uk

York Barbell Pad
£12.99 dolphinfitness.co.uk


No Sweat by Michelle Segar

Michelle Segar was a guest on a recent podcast with Ben Coomber. I really enjoyed the episode and a few points really resonated with me regarding motivation. I think that this would be a really worthwhile book to read, not only for my own life but also to hopefully benefit my clients.


No Sweat by Michelle Segar £6.92 amazon.co.uk kindle edition

No Sweat by Michelle Segar
£6.92 amazon.co.uk kindle edition

Everyday Super Food by Jamie Oliver

I am a big fan of Jamie Oliver and have been since his ‘naked chef’ days. I have a few of his recipe books on my shelf and really enjoy watching any of the shows which he produces on television, this latest series being no exception. I think that it is great that he is raising awareness on the issue of healthy eating and cooking to the masses. All too often people associate healthy cooking and eating with being too difficult or too expensive or too boring, but this new series has quashed all these arguments in my opinion. Some of the recipes he has cooked have looked delicious, (I especially liked the look of the fish and kiwi tacos!) and I can’t wait to give some of them a go myself!

Everyday Super Food by Jamie Oliver £11.99 amazon.co.uk

Everyday Super Food by Jamie Oliver
£11.99 amazon.co.uk

To be continued……

Love Abi xxxx



  1. 8th October 2015 / 12:08 pm

    This is such an awesome wish list! You wrote an incredible post by the way and I love your blog!

    • 9th October 2015 / 11:09 am

      Thank-you! I am just getting started, so really appreciate your comment! xx

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