#trainwithabs Restaurant Spotlight….Subway and Pizza Hut

Subway is probably one of the best fast food options if you are out and about and need to get something to eat. You are able to control exactly what you are having (within reason) and therefore can create your own meal according to your own needs. Need a high carb meal? Have a sub. Need a low carb meal? Big salad bowl.


Once again subway have all their nutritional information online. Obviously these calories and macros are all guidelines as ingredients aren’t weighed out but they do give you a good idea. All calories listed are for 6inch subs unless otherwise stated!

In terms of choice of bread, there really isn’t that much between them all. Italian Herbs and cheese comes out on top calories wise, with Italian and Honey Oat at the bottom end, however there is only 45 calories between them. The Honey Oat and Wheat options do contain almost twice as much fibre than the rest though.

There is a low fat Sub menu, which includes your basics Beef, Chicken Breast, Ham, Turkey, Veggie delight etc. Any of these would make for good choices. A 6inch Turkey Breast with salad on Italian comes in at 260 calories. The chicken teriyaki on italian is the highest on this menu but still only 311 calories. Protein content of all these Subs varies between 18-28g (except Veggie delight) which is fab.

The low fat Flatbread menu, is pretty similar in terms of protein and calorie content. A chicken tikka flatbread, will be 312 calories and 26.7g protein.


Subway also offer a few low fat sauce options such as sweet onion, honey mustard and BBQ, which are over half the calories of the ‘full flavour’ options.’

In terms of regular subs, these are not too bad either. They are a bit higher in calories and fat though. I would tend to avoid the Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt or the Spicy Italian, 19.1g Fat and 25.2g Fat respectively. But a Steak and Cheese 6 inch sub has good macros; 8.4g Fat; 41g Carbs and 24g Protein.

If you are stopping by for breakfast, you can get a Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sub for 294 calories. But avoid the Mega melt which will set you back 507 calories and 22g Fat.

Salads are typically the best option when eating out at most places and subway is no excpetion. What is great is that you can tailor them to your favourite ingredients. But based on a standard salad bowl with chicken breast, Subway gives it 139 calories, 20g Protein, 7g Carbs and 2.4g Fat. A really low calorie but filling option.

Untitled design-42.jpg

Client Megan loves a Subway salad when she is at work!

If you must get a sweet treat, skip the Muffins at 390 calories and go for a cookie instead at around 220 calories.

Unsurprisingly Subway is definitely one of the most macro friendly places to eat out at. You can choose either a Sub or a Salad and still not stray too far from your fitness goals!!


‘Woooooah’ is all I am going to say after reading some of the nutritional information on Pizza Hut website! 674 calories for 6 Sweet Chilli chicken wings was one of the first things I saw, so understandably I was a bit concerned about what I was going to be able to find and whether I would be able to find any macro friendly recommendations at all! But the challenge was accepted, so here we go.

First up, what not to order!
->ANY of the sides (except the mixed leaf salad). All of the sides at Pizza Hut were on the really high calorie side, the worst offenders were the ‘Loaded Wedges with Cheese and Bacon’, ‘Cheesy Nachos’ and the ‘Sweet Chilli Chicken Breast Chunks.’ Stick to your choice of pizza and leave the sides for another time!

->ANY of the desserts; warm Cookies are my weakness, especially served with a dollar of ice cream, but the Pizza Hut version will come in at 832 calories….. on top of your pizza of choice. Let’s save that treat for another time!!

Right, now on to Pizza options. Unsurprisingly the best pizza base option is the Italian, and the highest calorie the ‘large cheesy bites’ and the ‘large stuffed crust.’ The Italian comes in 3 different sizes according to their website, small which is 6 slices, medium is 8, and large is 10 slices. So if we are trying to stick to the best options available the small size should be your go to.

There are a few similar options calorie wise with not much to choose between them, Margherita, the Farmhouse, Beef Sizzler will all come in at around 650 calories. The Hawaiian which is a moderate 618 calories, 27g Protein; 78g Carbs and 19g Fat for a small Italian size. Personally I don’t think that is too bad!

They also do a £4 pizza which is marketed as suitable for one. A veggie delight would be the best option to choose here, 524 calories.

CYIkcU-UkAAy7mC.pngHowever on the other end of the scale there are some calorie monsters. Take for example the Meaty One. Let’s make it a large so that’s 10 slices, let’s make it a stuffed crust…guess how many calories? Nope, more…..nope, more……nope, more…..3210 calories for one pizza!! This pizza contains 170g Protein, 290g Carbs and 150g Fat. I don’t think you need me to tell you that it is probably best to swerve this one.

Best option at Pizza Hut? Definitely a small Italian pizza of some sort with a side salad. The example I have used above is just one amongst many really high calorie and fat options. On the website they list all the nutritional information per slice rather than whole pizza which perhaps gives a false impression if you are just glancing over the numbers briefly. This annoyed me slightly, the same as when food companies give the serving size as half a cookie or half a chocolate bar when giving calorie details on packaging, they should put the full amounts and stop trying to pull wool over our eyes!

If you are going to go to Pizza Hut, I would recommend that you either get a small pizza or get a medium one to share and load up on the salad available!


#trainwithabs menu approved

Small Chicken Supreme on Italian base
624 Calories
Protein = 32g; Carbs = 78g; Fat = 19.8g

So that wraps up the couple of blog posts on best food to order at some of the nation’s favourite fast food restaurants. There were some dishes which are definitely best avoided if you are trying to reach your health and fitness goals, BUT there are certainly options out there for you if you plan ahead and choose wisely. I think it is great that these places all now list their nutritional information online so you are able to access it and figure out the best options for your nutritional goals.

As with anything, it is all about doing the best you can. For example if I knew I was going to be going to Pizza Hut for tea then I would make sure I was eating less calories the rest of the day to balance it out. Mindfulness is key.

That’s all for now.

Love Abi xxxx


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