#trainwithabs Restaurant Spotlight…..Nandos


Ahhh, every fitness fans favourite hang out. Chicken = Protein = Good. If I am completely honest, and run the wrath of your disapproval, I think Nandos is completely overrated, sorry guys! But I will admit that there are some really good options available if you are wanting to eat out and stick to your nutritional targets.


All the menu options come with nutritional information online, so you can have a look and choose the best options to fit your individual needs before you go. I think more and more chain restaurants are now doing this and it is a really good sign as we look to be more conscious of what we are putting into our mouths.

To start:
I know some of the girls which I coach are fans of hummus, and I am too. But I certainly wont be choosing it as a starter at Nandos anytime soon! Totalling 800 calories, before you even get to the main event! Skip the starter in my opinion!

All the Chicken….and more:
It is safe to say some of Nandos main dishes are much better options than others! For the new Churrasco Chicken Thigh burger, you are looking at over 900 calories. But if you were to opt for the regular butterfly chicken burger, this comes in at about 388 calories. If you ask most people they would say that a wrap is a ‘healthier’ alternative to either a burger or pitta, not in this case, it will give you an extra 200 calories in comparison!! Just by being a little bit more aware you are able to choose a smarter option and save yourself some calories.
Your best options, in my opinion are to stick to the butterfly chicken rather than the chicken served on the bone.


The new Steak and roasted vegetable pitta also looks to be a decent option, at under 500 calories. For the veggies amongst you, Nandos have a few options, I would opt for the Veggie burger over the halloumi and beanie alternatives.

The absolute best option on the menu would be the mixed salad with a portion of chicken at only 149 calories, but if you want a bit more or a jazzed up salad, either the Mediterranean or Supergrain options come at between 400-450 calories including chicken.

Now for the sides, and this is where you could be packing on a lot of calories before you know it and without realising it. If you were to choose the two sides option with one of the above, and opted for the Sweet Potato wedges and coleslaw you will be adding on an extra 599 calories! Best options to go for would be the Roasted Veg (which is delicious!), Mixed Salad or Corn on the Cob. If you did want some starch, then the spicy rice or sweet potato mash are what I would recommend.



For your sweet tooth:
Frozen Yoghurt is going to be the best choice here at 70 calories but this is just if you stick to one serving!! They do offer bottomless refills, but don’t be tempted to keep going up for more. The Naughty Natas, a traditional Portuguese tart is also a good option at about 176 calories.
Skip the cakes and save yourself between 600-870 calories (the carrot cake being the worst offender!!)

Nando's frozen yogurt

In Conclusion…..Well you will definitely be able to hit your protein requirements for the day when you go to Nandos! Like I said at the start there are some options which are much better than others. Being able to check online the nutritional stats is great and will enable you to plan the rest of your day accordingly.

#trainwithabs Approved Menu.
Butterfly Medium Chicken Burger with Salad and Roasted Veg.
Vanilla Frozen Yoghurt
Calories = 566
40g Protein; 13g Fat; 31g Carbs


Mixed Salad with Chicken
Naughty Natas
Calories = 323
31g Protein; 8g Fat; 30g Carbs

I hope that you are finding these menu reviews helpful if you are a fan of eating out. Like I have said before, if there are any places which you want me to look at in particular then let me know!

Love Abi xxx


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