#trainwithabs Fast Food Restaurant Spotlight part 1….McDonalds and KFC

Sometimes the only option available is fast food, I get it. So what are your best options when faced with this choice? I have split this spotlight up into a couple of separate blogs and will just go over some of the items which I think are some of the best in this situation.
First up? Everyone’s favourite burger joint, McDonalds.


I cant actually remember the last time that I had something savoury from McDonalds, however I am partial to the odd McFlurry once in a blue moon, although this blue moon did occur fairly recently when I was in Manchester a few weeks ago and we fancied something sweet. As it was the first time that I had been in a McDonalds in absolutely ages I was pleasantly surprised to see that they now list all the calorie amounts on their menu when you go up to order. In my opinion this is a huge step forward. It is all well and good having the nutritional information online, but when you are hungry and want to order straight away you don’t want to be faffing on your phone to find out what the best options are. Yes calories aren’t everything, but they do give you a good idea.

After looking through the menu and nutritional information, unsurprisingly it is the fat content in the majority of the meals which will see you taking in a lot more calories than what you may be used to. For most of the beef and chicken burgers, you are looking at at least 20g of fat, and that is not including the fries on the side. But there are a couple of simple swaps which you can make which will decrease the amount of fat in your meal. By choosing the ‘grilled’ chicken wraps as opposed to the ‘crispy’ versions, you will half the fat content. If you are going to have a Burger, I know you will automatically want to have the fries with it, but maybe think about sacrificing those and opting for one of the salad shakers instead? Saving yourself 300 calories in the process.


At 353 calories, the grilled version of the Peri Peri Chicken Wrap is a better alternative to the crispy version at 488.

Some meals on the menu are best avoided altogether…
The Big Tasty with Bacon. This burger will set you back 864 calories, over 50% of what I would deem a recommended intake for a female! It is the fat in this burger which is the major stinger, 51g of it! Stay clear.

The BBQ, one of the signature specials but at 782 calories you would be best sticking to a Big Mac at 506 calories instead if it is Beef which you are after.

Chicken Legend with Hot and Spicy Mayo rocks in at 519 calories.

The Breakfast Wrap, is on the high end of calories at 605! There are alternative options such as the Bacon and Egg Snack wrap which is under half the calories at 279 per portion. A blueberry muffin may have caught your eye, but at over 400 calories just walk on by!

Drinks wise, this is where huge calories can be added to your intake without you even realising it!
Belgium Chocolate Honeycomb Iced Frappe = 357 calories
Frozen Strawberry Lemonade = 224 calories
Banana Milkshake = 386 calories

Stick to water or diet soft drinks and save room for your food instead!

Now onto some of the better alternatives, and yes there are some!!
As mentioned above, when choosing a chicken option from the menu go for the grilled versions and save yourself fat macros and calories. The grilled chicken and bacon salad would probably be my go to at 184 calories and only 7.4g of fat.

mcdonalds-Hamburger mcdonalds-Grilled-Chicken-Bacon-Salad

If you want a burger, the best options are the simple hamburger or cheeseburger.

If you are stopping for breakfast, ‘Oatso Simple’ will give you a balanced portion of carbs, protein and fat for only 186 calories. Or alternatively go for an egg and cheese wrap to set you up for the day.

If you need something sweet to finish off your meal (aka me) and the bag of fruit or melon isn’t tickling your fancy; rather than going for the higher calorie McFlurry’s and chocolate cookies you would be better having a plain ice cream cone or a sugared donut.

There are options available to you at McDonalds if you are wanting to eat ‘healthy’ and not ruin your diet, however it does swing from one extreme to the other! Here are two menu examples which show this!

Untitled design-37Menu A
Big Tasty with Bacon
Chocolate Milkshake
Triple Chocolate Cookie
= 1949 Calories

Menu B
Grilled Chicken and Bacon Salad
Carrot Sticks
Diet Coke
Melon Bag
= 236 Calories

Untitled design-38

So don’t think that it will be impossible to find something, but just be mindful of what you are getting. Think sensibly, like choosing grilled chicken over crispy, having a salad instead of fries, ice cream cone instead of a milkshake. There are ways of making McDonalds fit!!


Now for a confession…I have never had a KFC in my life; so have absolutely no idea what the best or worst items are. All I can do in this brief run down is go off the information available to me and try and offer the best advise which I can!

From looking over their website, KFC proclaim to be one of the first establishments to put the nutritional information available on both their website and in store, great. The more information people have at their fingers about what they are eating the better, this way more informed decisions can be made.

Deep fried chicken is never going to be low in fat or calories, but once again there are some options which are a lot worse than others.

Worst Offenders:

The Big Daddy Burger at 655 calories is one of the higher calorie options on the menu.

There are a couple of wraps on the menu which would be best avoided; the Zinger Burrito is 705 calories and the Pulled Chicken Twister at 635 calores. Instead go for the Streetwise BBQ wrap at 270 calories.

A large fries will set you back 450 calores, yet downgrading to a regular one will save you 140 calories.

For dessert, a Milkybar Krushems is rocking in at 435 calories!! If a Krushem is what you want, then go for the Malteaser option at around 315 calories.

Okay, so now lets try and find what the best options are.

Salad wise, they are a bit higher in calories due to the crispy fried chicken, but they aren’t horrendous nutritional wise. A ‘Zinger Chicken Salad’ with no dressing will come in at 275 calories, then add the italian salad dressing at 25 calories as opposed to the caesar one.

kfc_thumb_salad_filetbitessaladAs mentioned above the Streetwise BBQ wrap is one of the better options, as well as a regular portion of popcorn chicken.

Sides wise, you could have regular potions of beans, coleslaw and a corn for about the same calories as one portion of fries. Choose wisely!

They now do a rice box, which contains, tex mex rice, salsa, beans, lettuce and chicken. These are an okay option at around 500 calories as the fat content is that bit lower in comparison to others.

Dessert wise wise, go for the streetwise sundae’s or the ice cream sundae which all come in at less that 200calories.


It was a bit harder to find options on the KFC menu, simply down to the fact that everything is deep fried, BUT you can still find something on their menu.

#trainwithabs Approved Menu

Regular Popcorn Chicken, Regular Corn Cobbette, Ketchup
Streetwise Toffee Sundae

Calories = 595
Protein = 25.2g; Carbs = 67g; Fat = 23.4g

Stay tuned for next time when I will be looking at the menus of Subway and Pizza Hut!

Love Abi xxxx


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