Instagram is the social media platform of the moment! We all like flicking through the pretty photos, being nosey and seeing what everyone is up to! But there is a lot of value and learning which can be taken away from certain accounts!

 I follow a LOT of fitness instagram accounts so it was hard just choosing these top 5. But I think you would all gain something from following them all!

Alex Gildea Personal trainer

Alex was my first trainer when I joined the gym for the very first time when i was 17 and trying to get fit for a hockey tour to Australia. He has since moved away and now works in London. He uploads workout videos on the daily. They are always entertaining to watch and are brilliant for helping with workout ideas and exercises to try (some are certainly more achievable than others!) He tends to forget his shirt quite a bit too….

Clean Eating Alice. Instagram to follow

Alice currently has 481,000 followers on Instagram, so if you are interested in fitness then the chances are you are already following her! But if you are not then you should be! Her page is full of yummy recipe and meal ideas, as well as some workout videos. She is extremely likeable and relatable too. Downside is, whenever she posts food it always makes me super hungry!!

Hazel Wallace. The fOOD mEDIC instagram to follow

Hazel is a full time Junior Doctor as well as fitness blogger and youtuber. How she fits everything I genuinely do not know! Her posts are also a mixture of foodie ideas and workout snaps. If I am ever in need of some motivation then I usually head to her social media as it shows me what is possible with my time and to just get on with it! If you have a crazy work schedule too and struggle to fit in work and prep food, then I suggest you go check her out as she is always giving tips on maximising workout time as well as what is in her lunchbox!

Amanda Bucci Fitness Instagram to follow

Amanda is an American youtuber based in Los Angeles. She is a bikini competitor and is about to enter her first power lifting competition as well. I really enjoy the content of her videos and instagram, as she is always trying to give you information on a certain topic. She doesn’t just go down the line of posting the standard ‘booty shot’ every time she enters the gym. Her captions are usually pretty long and worth taking the extra few moments to read!

Bret Contreras Best Fitness instgram to follow

The Glute Guy. I am not sure he needs any more of an introduction! He is my go to for choosing the best glute exercises as he is scientific based so everything he talks and writes about is research and evidence backed. If you see me performing a weird and wonderful exercise in the gym, then 9 times out of 10 I have got the idea from him! He tends to write up a lot of his own workouts as well as those which he does in ‘the Glute Lab’ and it is always really interesting to see what he is currently doing but also why!

PS. If you are not following me on there yet, then i would love you to do so! I share a lot more of my daily happenings over there! Click this link to see!

Who are your favourite instagrammers and why?!

Love Abi xxxx

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