So I am writing this at 11,887ft in the sky as I am flying out on the first leg of my journey to Thailand. I was so busy getting bits ready and finishing up things for work that I just didn’t have the time to start this blog post, let alone finish it and get it posted! I have now been fed and watered and into my second film, so figured it was about time I got the laptop out and did some writing and finished up this last post of the mini series and reflect on the past 6 weeks.

If I am brutally honest with myself, I am not that happy with my results and the progress which i have made in the past 6 weeks…I still had time to do my weigh in and measurements on Monday morning, but they weren’t what I was hoping for. I certainly haven’t repeated the great progress and results which I made before my previous trips this year, but when I look back critically I do think there are a couple of reasons for this.

Before I went to Thailand in April I had spent a good few months (Sept-December 2014) reverse dieting, i.e. I managed to increas the calories that I was eating steadily over a period of time to boost my metabolism whilst training hard and only gaining a little bit of weight. This put me in a good position for dieting down on higher calories when it came to 12 weeks before my trip. My metabolism was in a good place, and I was able to steadily drop fat with only small dips in calories each week with minimal cardio sessions; dieting felt easy for those 3 months and I got some really good results which I was extremely happy with.

I slipped the second critical point into that last paragraph if you didn’t notice, I dieted for 12 weeks, not 6. Previously I gave myself a long period of time to achieve the results which I was after. This meant that I was able to make small tweaks each week whilst still making progress without having to do anything drastic. For this holiday I only gave myself 6 weeks, which really wasn’t long enough to get to what I wanted, ideally I would have preferred longer. After getting back from America i didn’t give myself long enough to reverse diet and build my calories back up to a good point from which to diet back down again. My body just wasn’t ready for it. My calories were pretty low but I couldn’t drop them any lower without running the risk of some side effects which I wasn’t willing to risk.


Like I said I was on low calories, which was mentally tough and did find the tendency to stray from my numbers happened a lot more often than I was accustomed to. I have never had a problem sticking to my numbers, or giving in to cravings, but this past few weeks I have struggled, I am human after all.

I can’t remember which week I mentioned it but I wrote about the benefits of getting a coach and being coached. Even though I know what I should be doing, it is so hard having a critical eye on yourself. Next time I really want to get some big results i will certainly look into hiring somebody to help me out. Not only will it take some of the pressure of me but it is also so beneficial to have somebody else analysing your progress from an unbiased point of view and give you pointers on what you should and shouldn’t be doing next. I can give advise out to people but actually taking it on and doing it myself? Much, much harder.

So, enough of the downbeat news, where does this leave me now…well I am lucky enough to be going away on holiday for Christmas and New Year, okay I may not be in the best shape I have ever been in but it certainly isn’t a disaster! I have been training hard at the gym and getting some really good lifting sessions in, in particular my compound lifts of squats and deadlifts have improved significantly. It has ignited a fire in my belly to train specifically to hit some big numbers when I return in January which is what I will target my programming towards, whilst still maintaining aesthetics. This will mean I need to get on top of my diet, eating enough to fuel these sessions whilst minimising fat gain. It has got me excited again to see what I can achieve.

Since the gym I go to was taken over at the beginning of November, they have introduced a lot of new equipment which you may have seen me trying out; the prowler, a yoke and battle ropes to name a few. I really want to incorporate these different styles of training into my new programming as I have found it exciting and exhilarating trying new things! In hindsight it was possible my training sessions had become a bit stagnant and repetitive. I cant wait!

So that is where I am at the moment. A bit disappointed, but excited about the future.

I am looking forward to a couple of weeks of reflection and making some decisions about what the future may hold whatever that may be. 2016 has to be the year I make some changes, which fills me with worry? doubt? anxiety? But I know I need to face these fears head on rather than just writing about them, or thinking about them, and start actually creating some memories!

Love Abi xxxx


ps here is a photo of my first meal (feast) in Thailand!!


Som Tum (papaya salad), Pad Thai gai (chicken ad thai) and mixed vegetable stir fry. Nom nom nom….



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