September Favourites

At the end of every month I am going to try and put together a list of my favourite things to share with you. They will mainly be fitness and nutrition related such as my favourite exercise at the gym, any articles or podcasts I think have been particularly useful or what foods I have really been enjoying; but may involve a few other random things too! I really like watching and reading similar blogs/vlogs to this and find them really helpful with discovering new products, exercises, ways of doing things etc. So hopefully mine will provide similar helpful information!

seriously, seriously good!

seriously, seriously good!

Favourite non-macro friendly product – Haagen Dazs Salted Caramel Ice-cream

This has got to be the Haagen Dazs salted caramel ice-cream! I had been longing to try the chocolate variety of this ice cream for so many months, but when I tried it was such a letdown! However a friend pointed me in the direction of this variety, and oh my word it has shot to the top of my list of favourite flavours! It contains runny caramel and salty caramel brittle pieces. I must admit it didn’t last very long in the freezer!

Favourite Exercise – Sumo Deadlift

If you follow me on instagram or facebook you may have seen that I managed to achieve a PR on deadlift
s this past week so it is no surprise that this is my favourite exercise of the month. I haven’t lifted super heavy(for me) in quite a few months due to dieting and being in a calorie deficit, but this past month I have been aiming to build up my strength especially on the compound lifts once again. I personally prefer the sumo deadlift stance as opposed to conventional as I find it more comfortable, I feel more muscle activation in my glutes and there is less strain on my lower back. Sumo deadlifts are a great exercise for strengthening the posterior chain and improving core stability due to the large recruitment of different muscle groups. The main muscles targeted are back, glutes and legs and I can certainly feel this the following day!

It is important that you get somebody to show you how to set up and perform this exercise correctly, as it can lead to injury if done with poor form and technique. Here’s a link to a video by Bret Contreras (the glute guy!) on how to perform them correctly!

image (7)

Favourite Clothing Item – Lululemon Leggings

I must have gone into every Lululemon shop we saw in California and lusted over all the clothes there much to the annoyance of my travel companion Laura. Everything was just so beautiful and such good quality that I knew I wouldn’t be coming home empty handed! It will confess that it took me probably an hour one day in the shop on Rodeo Drive to deimage (24)cide between three pairs of leggings, with these ones eventually coming out on top.  All the fabrics Lululemon use are unique to them and the shop assistant was super helpful with telling me which leggings would be best suited to different types of activity which I might do.  They were quite pricey but the fit is the best I have ever had from gym leggings and I love the print on them. These will definitely not be my last pair of Lululemon’s; I just may have to save up a few pennies before my next purchase!

Favourite YouTube Channel/Podcast – Ben Coomber Radio

As I was away for August I managed to stockpile quite a few episodes from this podcast and have been catching up on them since being back. The podcast rotates weekly between Ben answering questions with his co-host Rachel Guy(serious fitspiration!) and having different guests on to talk about a wide variety of topics relating to overall health and wellbeing. I listen to these whenever I’m in the car or if I go out walking, they are a great resource of information and certainly get you questioning your own life and what you can do to improve things  and in Ben’s words ‘make yourself more awesome.’   They are usually 45-60minute long episodes full of knowledge bombs on all things health, nutrition, fitness and mindset, but both Ben and Rachel are straight talking, with no gimmicks which makes the information which they are sharing all the more easier to digest and then apply.

Ben-Coomber-615x330Every now and then they both go off on a rant about a certain topic but this just makes the show more engaging and entertaining. Guests such as Dr Layne Norton, James Haskell and Dan John, to name just a few, bring great variety but also different viewpoints to the show. I highly recommend everyone subscribe and have a listen.

What have you been enjoying this month? I would love to know!

Love Abi xxxx

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