Review: Myprotein Impact Whey

I used to drink protein shakes every day without fail when coming home from the gym. Every advert and athlete told me about ‘the ideal consumption window’ after training, so that’s what I followed. It was only when I really started reading more about nutrient timing, and realised that my muscles weren’t going to waste away if I didn’t down that protein shake within 20minutes of leaving the gym, that I started to drink them much more sparingly. I do still however have a few bags on hand for when I fancy a shake or a smoothie or for convenience when I am travelling and sources of protein are sometimes hard to come by, I also like using them in baking or mixed into yoghurt.

When people ask me if they ‘need’ to drink protein shakes, then my answer is certainly no. You can get all the protein you require from whole foods sources; however there are definitely times when they come in handy.

I have been using Myprotein Impact Whey for a couple of years now and have never had a problem with this product or them as a brand. They have a huge variety of products and flavours for very reasonable prices in comparison to other supplement brands. I have taste tested quite a few different brands and My Protein certainly stands up to them. Also, there is always a promotion on or a discount code floating about so you are able to get some really good deals from them, in fact I am pretty sure a day doesn’t go by where I have some sort of offer in my email inbox!

Chocolate Smooth

I mix my shakes with water as opposed to milk, just through personal preference rather than calorie reasons. The Chocolate smooth flavour mixes well with no lumps; I do find that it is better when I add ice to my shaker for some reason though. I think it tastes just like a chocolate milkshake even with water (albeit not in the same league as a McDonalds chocolate milkshake, but you get my point!). This is a safe option amongst some of the weird and wonderful flavours which they offer (Jam Roly Poly anyone?!) and is certainly a staple in my cupboard. 8/10


Like I said above I am more likely to use whey protein mixed in with yoghurt/fromage frais at the end of the day as opposed to in a shake, and this flavour is my current go to for this purpose. I haven’t tried it as a shake with water so can’t comment on mixability or flavour for this purpose. I mix this in with fromage frais at the moment as the base to my last meal of the day ie a ‘flexbowl’; it’s got a vanilla flavour with small chocolate flecks in it. To be honest you can’t really taste the chocolate, but this could be down to the added number of topping which I mix into the bowl! There is a nice vanilla taste though and you can certainly tell that I have added it to the fromage frais. 8/10

Chocolate Brownie

I typically use this flavour to make a protein brownie mugcake and it works really well. It definitely has a different chocolate flavour to the standard chocolate smooth. When you open the packet it does actually smell like brownies, although taste wise even though it is nice, it certainly doesn’t taste like an actual brownie! To make the mugcake, I add a scoop to a mug (or bowl) a pinch of bicarbonate of soda and cocoa and then a splash of milk, mix it well so it’s a bit like a batter consistency and then pop in the microwave. I usually start at 30seconds and then check it before doing blasts of 10seconds until it’s done! I have tried this as a shake as well and give it a thumbs up! 7.5/10

Chocolate Caramel

I have only just reordered this flavour and have been reminded how good it is! In fact I would probably say that it is my favourite of all the flavours which I have sampled so far from My Protein! It is quite sweet to taste but as I have a sweet tooth anyways this isn’t a problem to me! It mixes really well with water and the flavour is still quite strong, again I find it mixes better when ice is added to your shaker. I would say that the predominant flavour is caramel with an aftertaste of chocolate. Be warned though as although this is possibly my favourite flavour, a friend at the gym can’t stand it! Obviously just personal preference! 9/10

image (68)


I again use this flavour to mix in which yoghurt, it is very similar in taste to the stracciatella but obviously without the flecks of chocolate. I have also used this in a shake with frozen berries and ice and it tastes great, the flavour is so versatile and it tastes great. 7/10

As you can see from the flavours which I have reviewed above, I am not very adventurous! I don’t like fruit flavoured shakes so tend to stick to ones I know I am probably going to enjoy! However I did order sample packs of the Chocolate Coconut and Jam Roly Poly flavours recently which I am yet to try, so will let you know what they are like when I do! My sister is a massive fan of the Chocolate Mint, Salted Caramel and Cookies and Cream flavours, so maybe I need to step out of my comfort zone and try a few new flavours! I also follow Zanna Van Dijk on snapchat and she has been using a cherry bakewell flavoured one from PHD Women for her Protein Zoats which does sound amazing, I may have to purchase and see for myself as Mr Kipling Bakewell Tarts are one of my favourites!

Simon Roshdy from the dietkitchen Youtube channel has done a few videos where he tastes and reviews a lot of the flavours and they are really entertaining as well as informative, so if you’re interested head over to his channel! The Diet Kitchen

What are your favourite flavoured protein shakes?! And which brand do you currently use?

Love Abi xxxx

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