Recipe: Pineapple Rice

Two recipe posts in one week….lucky readers!

I put the photo up of my Tupperware Thursday Tea on social media and got a few requests asking how I made it, so your request is my demand!

In Thailand they serve pineapple rice in an actual pineapple and it is one of my favourite dishes out there so I thought that it was about time that I had a go at cooking it myself! This meal is a great mix of Protein, Carbs and Fat, perfect for your post workout meal. I love the bursts of sweetness from the pineapple and then the crunchy cashews.


Who needs a plate when you can use a pineapple?! **Disclaimer: this is not my photo!!


It isn’t typically a spicy dish in Thailand, but I always like the kick of chilli so you can add more or less depending on your tolerance to spice. I also added some ginger, mainly because I had bought one of the easy squeeze tubes from Aldi last week and wanted to see what it was like, but also ginger has many health benefits. It has anti-inflammatory properties which means that it can reduce muscle soreness and joint pain, it may lower cholesterol and improve heart disease risk factors, and I am sure that you have heard of its medicinal benefits if you are suffering from a cold or sickness.

I used the Coconut and lemongrass ready cooked portions of rice from tilda, but you can substitute for regular basmati rice if you prefer.

Chicken and Cashew Nut Pineapple Rice


150g Chicken Breast
100g Tilda Coconut and lemongrass basmati rice
10g Cashews
100g Pineapple
70g Broccoli
50g Asparagus
50g Baby Spinach
100g Mushrooms
Thai 7spice seasoning
Ready chopped ginger/chilli/garlic
Light Soy Sauce



Chop the chicken into bitesize chunks, spray some frylight into a large frying pan or wok, then add the chicken and a few shakes of the thai seasoning.

Meanwhile, chop up your vegetables (except the spinach) and pineapple.

Steam the broccoli and asparagus for 2minutes. I just do this in a metal colander with a pan lid over some boiling water.

When chicken is cooked, add your chopped mushrooms and rice. Stir fry and then add the rest of the vegetables, diced pineapple and cashews.

Once mixed together, simply add about half a teaspoon of each of the ginger, chilli and garlic, but do this to taste! Add a couple of splashes of the light soy sauce, and mix for a few minutes before serving piping hot with a few squeezes of lime.

Less than 10minutes from fridge to plate!

pineapple-clipart-pineapple-clip-art-pineapple_4Calories: 479
Macros: 45g Protein; 42g Carbs; 14g Fat


Mix it up and have something different for tea this week 🙂

Love Abi x


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