Pancake Day…aka my birthday :)

Pancake day is tomorrow, and it also happens to be my birthday  but the less said about that the better…

I always forget how much I actually like pancakes until I have them; however I don’t think anything I make will ever compare to some of the ones we tried in America last summer…incredible! I also need to have allll the toppings on them (i.e. nutella, nut butter,
chocolate chips, syrup, sauce, fruit etc etc!), so when I am dieting or in a calorie deficit I tend to stay away from them!

But now that I am in a maintenance/muscle building phase, pancakes are back on the menu! waheyy.


In keeping with the health and fitness theme, I do like to use protein powder in them, not only for the obvious added protein but flavour too. I have been using chocolate and stracciatella (vanilla with chocolate chips) recently to make them.

My recipe is pretty basic which I can then vary with different additions such as chocolate chips or fruit; but if you are feeling more adventurous I have added a couple of links at the bottom to different options which look delicious!

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25g of your favourite protein powder *
1 egg
small pinch baking powder
50ml Coconut Milk**

Additional fillings:
chocolate chips
Cinnamon Powder

*I have been using the chocolate flavour muscle mousse which you can buy here, or the impact whey in stracciatella flavour from my protein which you can get here.

** You can use any type of milk, I just prefer coconut milk.


Simply combine your dry ingredients in a bowl. Add the egg and whisk together, before adding the milk in small amounts until you reach the desired consistency, may take more or less milk than stated. You want it to be a bit thick rather than thin and watery. Leave to rest for a couple of minutes before frying in a hot pan coated with frylight. Pancakes are ready to flip when they start bubbling on the top!

Then top with whatever you can find in your cupboards! Tomorrow mine will definitely include ice cream and nutella 🙂


(Macros for batch will depend on which protein powder you use.)


photo and recipe credit to Protein Pow and Zanna Van Dijk

a) Apple and Cinnamon Protein Pancakes 

b) Banana and Almond Pancakes 

c) Banana Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes

d) Two Ingredient Pancakes 


Happy Pancake Day!

Love Abi x




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