October Favourites

I had lots of new favourites this month, but have managed to narrow it down to these ones. Some are a little bit random but I hope that you enjoy reading and maybe even try a few of them out!

Favourite Drink – Tetley Boost Lime flavoured green tea

I am one of those strange people who actually enjoy the taste of green tea and I have at least a couple of mugs a day, especially when it’s cold! I have tried numerous different flavours but since I visimage tetleyited Thailand in April I have been enjoying Jasmine flavour every morning until my
Mum came home with this new box. I really like the lime flavour as it isn’t too overpowering which I sometimes tend to find with lemon flavoured bags. On the back of the packet Tetley says that it is blended with B6 which ‘helps reduce tiredness and fatigue,’ I am not sure what difference this makes in comparison to regular green tea, I more enjoy this product for the flavour! They are currently £1 for a box of 20bags in Morrisons.

Favourite Exercise – Banded Moving abductions

If you read my blog post from when I visited my sister in Liverpool, you will have seen that these were part of the workout. I have been loving doing them each hamstring/glute session at the end of my workouts as part of a conditioning circuit. I place a band just underneath my knees, keep low and then move to a side for about 10-12 steps, and then return to starting position. The key is to stay nice and low which keeps the tension in your glutes. You can also just do this exercise one step at a time if you are struggling for space. They really burn out your glutes and you get a good ‘glute pump’ which certainly leaves me hobbling a little bit afterwards!

google lateral band walks if you would like more information or examples :-)

google lateral band walks if you would like more information or examples 🙂

Favourite flavour – Cinnamon

I have been loving everything cinnamon flavoured at the moment! I used to hate it, I remember especially getting really annoyed if I ordered Apple Pie anywhere and it came flavoured with cinnamon, ruining one of my favourite desserts! But obviously my taste buds have developed/matured and now I can’t get enough! First up I tried the Cinnamon Buns Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream (obviously!), I had been seeing amazing reviews for this all over the internet and facebook groups which I am part of. It was SO good, would highly recommend it. Caramel ice-cream, with a cinnamon swirl and cinnamon bun dough….sounds delicious right?! I’m pretty sure I polished off this tub in two sittings!

Next up was the Musclepharm Combat Crunch Bar in Cinnamon Twist; I picked this bar up when I was away in America during the summer and somehow it lasted until now to try it out! It has a soft chewy centre which is surrounded by a white chocolate coating and crunchy shortcake(?) bits. Really tasty, and I think could definitely rival Quest bars! The macros are also great, at 210calories, 20g Protein, 25g Carbs of whiUntitled design (6)ch 12g Fibre and 7g of fat. Downside is the cost over here for a box of 12, you are looking at around £22-24 which is quite expensive, but I am keeping my eyes peeled for any offers!

I got a sample of the Cinnamon Danish Whey Protein from MyProtein in my last order, even though I had been loving cinnamon I wasn’t sure I was committed enough to purchase a full 1kg bag! I have only sampled this mixed in with fromage frais as part of my ‘flexbowl’ on an evening but it made a nice change from the usual vanilla flavours I use for this! I will bite the bullet and buy I full bag on my next order for sure!

Favourite Meal – Cauliflower Rice

I have a habit of finding a meal I like, and then cooking it repeatedly until I find something new to try and that becomes the next obsession. This month it has been cauliflower rice! It is so easy and cheap to make, and the macros on it are amazing in comparison to your regular basmati rice for example. My favourite way to use it has been adding it to vegetables and chicken to make a sort of stir fry dish I guess you could call it or just as a side to curry or chilli. It has been my go-to Tupperware meal for when I am at work as well because it is so easy to make and then I can either eat it cold or re-heat in the microwave. You can now buy packets of ‘cauli-rice’ in the supermarkets and I know that Tesco also sell it, but considering how quick and easy it is to make yourself I don’t see why you would need to buy it!

Pricess of making my cauliflower rice 'stir fry.' I added some broccoli into it this time as well!

Pricess of making my cauliflower rice ‘stir fry.’ I added some broccoli into it this time as well!

Favourite Sweet Treat – Werther’s Original sugar free Chewy Toffees

I have had a few long drives this month, heading over to Liverpool a couple of times and the Leeds, and I don’t know about you but I always feel like a need a supply of snacks and drinks to get me through! My Grandma always used to have a supply of these at her house whenever we visited so when I saw this new range of sugar free versions at the supermarket I had to pick some up to put in the glove box of my car. The macros are much better than the standard version; 20calories per toffee, with 1g of fat and 4g of Carbs. I could easily eat the bag of these in one sitting but have been quite good at limiting myself to one a day as a little treat whilst driving! Obviously not the greatest nutritional value, but as a one off I think they are fine.

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Favourite Youtube Channel/Podcast – The Food for Fitness Podcast with Scott Baptie

This past couple months Scott has had some great guests joining him on the podcast; Dan John, Sohee Lee, James Conci-Mitchell just to name a few. I particularly enjoyed episode 27 which was with Drew Price titled ‘The Highs and Lows of 12 extreme Diets in 12 months’, from the title you can probably guess what it was about. It was so interesting to hear Drew’s thoughts on each of the different diets which he has been following for a project for Men’s Health Magazine. He spoke about which ones were most effective, which ones were the most unpleasant and how they differed when it came to impacting his social life.  Scott delivers episodes in a structured way which makes them easy to listen to and follow, but they also contain large amounts of useful information to take away and implement myself or discuss with other people. I don’t think I have missed an episode yet and always look forward to them coming out every week.

image (27)

What have you been loving this month? Is there anything you think that I need to try?!

Love Abi xxxx

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