November favourites

Here is my monthly favourites post for November. Enjoy and any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Favourite Foods – Heck Chicken Sausages and Sprouts

Heck Chicken Sausages

I have seen this brand of chicken sausages all over instagram the past few months and have wanted to try them for ages but no supermarkets near me stocked them. But fortunately I managed to pick a packet up to try from Asda at the beginning of the month. I got the Smoky Paprika Chicken Chipolatas to test out first; the macros are incredible, for two sausages they have 17g Protein, 4g Carbs and only 2g of Fat. I have had them either just grilled alongside a plate of veg or chopped up in my cauliflower rice and veg dish. They are really tasty and make a change from having just chicken or mince which are my usual go to protein sources.


I liked them so much that I actually ordered 10 packets online (5 were for my sister!) so that I could sample the other different varieties which they offer. I ordered the Zesty Chicken chipolatas, Chicken Italia, Plump Pork and Apple, Heck 97% and another packet of the Paprika ones. So far I have tried the Chicken Italia ones and confirm that they are just as tasty! I used the discount code LAINEY10, which meant I got 10 packets for only £15 including delivery which is an absolute bargain in my opinion.  I will definitely be ordering from them again once my stash has run out!


Bit of a weird one I know but bear with me…. Sprouts shouldn’t just be reserved for Christmas Dinner, nor should they be served up as a sad boiled soggy after thought. I love all veg (except sweetcorn, gross.) but get into the habit like other things of rotating the same few vegetables in my meals and not being very creative. With Christmas coming up I spotted the packet of sprouts on offer at Morrisons and picked them up. Last year I remembered following a Jamie Oliver recipe where they were sliced up with some pancetta, garlic and Worcestershire sauce, so figured I would try it again. OMG. This is my new favourite vegetable dish! It tastes so good! I then went on to experiment with a few different methods of cooking them. I honestly think you should reserve judgement on disliking this innocent green vegetable until you try a few alternative ways of preparing them! Check out my other blog post on cooking sprouts 3 different ways and give it a go! I promise you will be converted!


Favourite Clothing Item – The North Face Hooded Down Jacket

It was time I invested in a new winter jacket, something to keep me from moaning about being cold all the time. I had been looking online at these jackets for a couple of months, and when the cold snap happened at the beginning of the month I finally got round to ordering one. I knew I wanted one with a high down fill as this meant the warmerIMG_4862 it should be, so I went with the 800down Quince Hooded jacket in Black. When it arrived it felt so light that I seriously doubted how it was going to keep me dry and warm. But it got its first outing on a miserable day at football; it was about 5 degrees and did not stop raining all day. This was the day I fell in love with a coat. It is so warm but without being bulky or heavy. A little bit more expensive than a coat from the high street, but so far so good and definitely worth the investment in my opinion.



Favourite Book – Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Lessbook

I have been trying to stick to my October goal of taking time out to read each day, and for the most part I have been sticking to it. I find that is does help me to wind down at the end of the day and is obviously a lot better for me than mindlessly scrolling through Instagram before switching the light off. This was the book that I have been reading for the majority of the month, it was recommended to me but I can’t think who by or where I might have read about it. I am not the best at book reviews but basically in this book the author details how to be more streamlined with your efforts in your day to day in order to achieve more. The idea is that you eliminate all the ‘non-essential’ things from your life in order to concentrate on the pursuit of only the truly great things. There are chapters on how to learn to say NO to things which you don’t enjoy, making small habits in order to create bigger changes and finding the ability to only focus on one thing at a time. There are so many quotes and sentences throughout the book which have really resonated with me. I especially liked the chapter on finding your priority, and focusing all your efforts on that rather than trying to spread yourself too thinly across multiple projects.


I have never read self help or self improvement books until recently, but I think the ability to continue to learn is imperative to self growth and fulfilment. I will admit that I sometimes struggle to understand certain parts of what I am reading and how I am suppose to implement them into my own life. But if I only take away a couple of pointers from each book that I read than that is better than nothing.


Favourite Album – ‘Purpose’ by Justin Bieber

Okay okay, this isn’t going to gain me much street cred, but it is such a good album! It has been on repeat in my car and at the gym since it was released in the middle of the month! I think I may have been converted to a ‘Belieber’?!


Favourite Exercise – Hyperextensions

I have been including these in my glute circuits for some time, but it wasn’t until seeing a short clip on Instagram by Ollie Foster (@ollyfosterfitness) that I really started to feel it working my glutes properly. In the video Olly shows the exercise being performed with slightly differentiated form to what we are used to seeing. He notes that by dropping the chin at the top of the movement stops you from over extending and placing excessive pressure and load on your lower back. I tried it out, really focusing on squeezing my glutes at the top of the movement and keeping tension on my hamstrings, and boy does it work! I hesitantly climb off the machine and wobble over to my next exercise! I have found that I don’t need to use any weight to feel the full effect of this exercise, bodyweight is sufficient. Too often I see people adding weight and swinging up and down on this machine, but in reality they aren’t targeting the muscle at all. Mind to muscle connection is super important and will get those glutes firing!

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Is there anything you have been loving this month?! I will be away in Thailand at the end of December so I’m not sure if I will be making one of these posts or not but fingers crossed I will!


Love Abi xxxx





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