November Favourites – inc sprouts, chocolate and the weeknd

I hate to be repetitive, but I genuinely cant believe that it is December already. Crazy. So another month has gone by and I have discovered a few new things this month as usual. Not sure if it is just me, but I do enjoy trawling the supermarkets every now and then in the search of new items, especially with Christmas around the corner there is so many new products out there to try! In fact this post is way longer than usual as I didn’t want to leave anything out!!

There is a little bit of a flavour theme this month which is completely unintentional, and a couple of products which I think will just be seasonal so you best get out there and snap them up quickly!

As usual, if there is anything out there which you think I need to try, comment down below or pop me a message!

Tilda Genuine Goodness Pulses and Rice Range

Tilda Pulses and Rice range - macro friendly
This is a new range of single serving pulses and rice. Each one of them contains 1 of your 5 a day, is gluten free and cooks in 1 minute in the microwave. Each of the different flavours are inspired by a different country, I have tried a couple of them but think that there are about 5 in the range in total. The fact that they are single serving size is perfect for me (#singleproblems) and I love that there are different and unusual flavours available. My favourite of the ones I have tried so far is the Edamame, Spring Onion and Wasabi which is Japanese inspired and I just had it with some grilled chicken and vegetables. Complete meal in about 5 minutes total.
Calories and Macros vary across the range but are genuinely pretty good.
Macros for Edamame, Spring Onion and Wasabi = 152kcal; 6.9g Protein; 19.6g Carbs; 4.2g Fat

Gingerbread Latte Popcorn – Aldi

Popcorn is one of my favourite snacks so I am always on the look out for new flavours, but it was actually my Mum that picked this bag up in Aldi for us to try. It still has a lot of toffee covering, but you can certainly taste the ginger coming through which is delicious! To be honest the flavour of coffee is completely lost, but it doesn’t need it. I will definitely be popping in to buy some more before I go away!
Macros per 30g serving = 119kcal; 0.7g Protein; 24g Carbs; 1.9g Fat


roasted sprouts
I blumin love sprouts and have been having them at least 2/3 times per week I would say this last month. But rather than just boiling them, or over steaming them until they are mushy and a rotten green colour, I prefer to cook them in a couple of alternative ways which you MUST try before rubbishing my claims that they are delicious! First up, simply halving them with some salt and pepper and roasting for about 15-20minutes. Or slice them up in a pan, saute with a splash of Worcestershire sauce and some chopped bacon. Your Christmas dinner compatriots will certainly thank you for it come the big day. Last year I wrote a blog post which you should check out!

Salted Butterscotch Milk Chocolate – Morrisons

Morrisons Slted Butterscotch Milk Chocolate
This stuff is amazing. I genuinely do eat some form of chocolate every day and this has been top pick recently. This is when flexible dieting is so useful as you can incorporate foods like this into your daily calorie intake. I have a square right before I go to bed. It is creamy good quality milk chocolate with little flecks of butterscotch throughout, it is salty without overdoing it. Morrison’s also brought out a Cappuccino flavour chocolate in this range, but after buying it once I haven’t seen it again! It is also really good so would highly recommend picking some up if you are lucky enough to spot it in your local store.
Macros per 2 squares = 112kcal; 1.2g Protein; 10.6g Carbs; 7.1g Fat

Yeo Valley Salted Caramel Greek Style Yoghurt – Sainsbury’s

Yeo Valley Greek Style Salted Caramel yoghurt
I got this tub from Sainsbury’s but am yet to see it anywhere else so not sure if it is exclusive to there. I am used to have fat free greek yoghurt or fromage frais so this feels super thick and creamy in comparison and the higher fat content reflects this. But don’t let it put you off, just be a bit more careful with your portion sizes and factor it into your day.
Macros per 100g = 153kcal; 3.9g Protein; 13.9g Carbs; 9.1g Fat

Twinings Cherry Bakewell Green Tea

Twinings Cherry Bakewell Green Tea
I had to have a search back through previous months favourites as I was sure I must have put this into one of them a while ago, but seems not! This is my favourite flavour of green tea by far!! You can smell the almond flavour as soon as you pour hot water onto the bag! I know some people just cannot get on with green tea, but I really enjoy them! I especially seem to drink a lot when it is cold outside and I need warming up! This flavour and also the Salted Caramel one (shock, horror) are always in my cupboard. They have been on offer at £2 per box at a lot of retailers too.

Gingerbread Ice Cream – Aldi

Why is gingerbread flavoured food only around at Christmas time?! Again this is another seasonal product from Aldi, along with a Mince Pie flavoured ice cream. It is a gingerbread ice cream, with swirls of toffee sauce and then pieces of gingerbread and fudge. You wouldn’t be able to tell that it was a cheap ice cream as it does taste super luxurious. I have had to ration this out and only have a couple of spoonfuls a night, but I am on to my second tub.
Macros per 32g serving size = 83kcal; 1.2gProtein; 11g Carbs; 3.8g Fat

Carte D’or Light Vanilla Ice Cream

I put up an instagram photo of the ‘dessert; which I am pretty sure I have had 99% of nights the past two months. It is vanilla protein powder mixed with some fromage frais, mixed berries and then a serving of this ice cream. For an ice cream the calories per serving size are so good. It also tastes like actual vanilla ice cream rather than frozen flavoured water which a lot of lower calorie frozen foods can. If you are an ice cream freak like me but worried about the calories then pop some of this into your basket.
Macros per 50g serving size = 70kcal; 1g Protein; 11g Carbs ; 2g Fat

Leg Warmers

Abi Durrant Personal Trainer
I couldn’t do this months favourites video without mentioned my current obsession with leg warmers! I got mine for about £3 from eBay and they have been a godsend at work at the gym, especially on a morning. Don’t care that I look ridiculous as long as I am warm!!

The Weeknd – Starboy Album

The Weeknd Starboy Album
This has been my soundtrack in the gym this month. If you need to freshen up your gym playlist then I suggest you get downloading this album for sure.

Exercise = Overhead Press
This is one of my favourite shoulder exercises but I have particularly been loving it this month as I have seen my strength shoot up on it. I prioritise this compound movement once a week in my upper body programming, the other day focusing on chin ups. Start by introducing this movement with low weight and then gradually add weight or reps each week as you get stronger. I have been doing 5 sets of 5.

Love Abi xxx

Ps On a side note I have also fallen back in love with football again which might have something to do with the might Blades being on such an amazing unbeaten run!

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