My Top 5 Healthy Holiday Tips!

You look forward to your summer holiday all year. You have worked so hard to shift those few extra pounds and feel confident in a bikini on the beach. You have known exactly how many days away it is since January when anyone asks! But are you worried about letting all your hard work slip away whilst you are away?

Holidays are for relaxing and enjoying yourself. You deserve it. You have put the work in and now want to sit back and let loose for a few days! However, it is not an excuse to go on an all out binge and come back feeling a little bit worse for wear. No you don’t need to be hammering the gym every day, eating only salad, and saying no to all the ice-cream, but there are a few things you can do to try and not go completely off course whilst still having the best time!

Fitness should be part of your lifestyle, not something you partake in in a mild panic for 6weeks every year!

1)Keep Active

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Even if you only manage a 20minute walk every morning before breakfast, you will still be getting up and moving which is better than nothing. If your hotel or apartment complex has a gym, then try and squeeze in a 20minute session when you can. Just getting a little bit of a sweat on will make you feel so much better, and that ice cream will taste all the sweeter for it! If you don’t have access to a gym, then a 20minute bodyweight circuit which you can do in your room or outside is a great idea. I try and get some form of workout or walk in before breakfast whilst I am away, it is then done and out of the way and I can enjoy the rest of the day, plus the endorphins just make you feel great!

2) Eat a protein filled breakfast
Hotel buffet breakfasts are my favourite. I get so overwhelmed with the amount of choice available that it is sometimes hard to not grab everything all in one go and stuff my face! But I know this will make me feel rotten. So instead I load up on the protein first with things like egg whites, meat, an omelette and salad, then if I am still feeling peckish or tempted, I will go back and have one of those delicious looking pastries or cakes!

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You can’t not have waffles for breakfast when in America!!

3) Always have a bottle of water on you
Chances are you are going somewhere which is a tad warmer than the UK(!) which means that you are more likely to get dehydrated that bit quicker. Make sure you always have a big bottle of water on hand and stay hydrated throughout the day. Especially if you are drinking alcohol as well.

4) Choose wisely
If you have had a big burger and chips, with side order of 2 (or 5) cocktails for dinner, then the next day maybe opt for the salad or grilled meat and veggies. I tend to go for a protein packed breakfast, salad for lunch and then choose whatever the hell I like for dinner; all about balance people. In terms of quantity, remember that you are less likely to need as much food if you are lounging by the pool all day as opposed to being active and exploring everywhere so adjust accordingly!

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5) Don’t worry
You are on holiday. Don’t panic if you cant get to the gym, or the menu at the restaurant you have chosen doesn’t serve plain grilled chicken. The reason you have trained so hard for the past few weeks is so that you can let loose a little and enjoy yourself on these special occasions. Life comes first. Don’t refuse to try the local delicacies because you cant work out how many grams of fat they contain to enter into myfitnesspal!! Pass me a cocktail!

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Balance. Why work your ass off for 51 weeks of the year to go away and stress about things? One week is not going to ruin all the hard work you have put in. It is a time to sit back, enjoy yourself and destress! These types of moments don’t come around too often so appreciate them and make sure you make moments to treasure in that memory bank!


Happy Holidays!

Love Abi xxx

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