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Motivation Monday 20th March 2017

motivation monday - Derek Sivers - just pretend

Why did I choose this quote today?

This is another little snippet that i got from an interview with Derek Sivers in the book ‘Tools of Titans,’ which I have now recommended on numerous occasions! But that is because it is so brilliant and certainly worth a read!

We all have voices in our heads, some telling us to ‘just go for it’, and others saying ‘woooooah hold on a minute.’ I like the idea that if we pretend to be something then that is what will happen.

If we pretend to be happy, does that automatically put us in a good mood?

If we pretend to be motivated, does that automatically make us work harder?

There are numerous occasions I can think of when this has worked for me. If I am feeling tired, and down in general but I know I have clients who I have to be on top form for, I will give myself a pep talk and put myself in a good mood. More often than not it will work and my mood will completely change.

Don’t choose to be sad, unhappy, anxious, worried, fearful.

Choose to be happy, excited, motivated, confident. 


Flip your mindset and you will see a change. It won’t happen every time. There is certainly a time for feeling upset and worried. But not all the time.

Give it a go this week and see how you get on!

Love Abi xxxx

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