Mediterranean Courgetti

I got home last night and had a huge craving for spaghetti, but had none in the house and i definitely wasn’t going back into the freezing temperatures to go and get some. I did have plenty of courgettes though so decided to substitute and still make the dish which I had in mind!

Courgetti is great if you are on a lower carbohydrate diet as you get a ‘similar’ texture for a huge amount of volume compared to regular pasta. Pasta isn’t bad for you. It isn’t a ‘bad carb.’ It will not make you fat. The problem with pasta tends to be the portion size which people now tend to serve, and it is one of those foods which you can mindlessly continue to eat without realising how much you are actually consuming.


Courgetti is the latest fad food and one which I really enjoy. If you don’t have your own spiraliser contraption, you can now get it ready ‘spiralised’ in Tesco and Marks and Spencer; however I had neither of these options so my dish ended up being more wonky courgette rather than identical spirals so not the most aesthetic dish, a bit more rustic looking.

I had some left over chicken and heck 97% pork sausage which made up the protein element of the meal. But for me the stars of the dish were the roasted sweet plum tomatoes, mushrooms and red onion which I tossed in some pesto and ready chopped garlic before popping in the oven. The smell whilst they were cooking was mouth watering. I used a jar of ready made pesto, I have made my own in the past and it is super easy but sometimes convenience wins. I also added in some crumbled low fat feta and chopped sundried tomatoes to add to the mediterranean theme. Sundried tomatoes are a great way of adding tons of flavour to a dish and I always have them in the cupboard. To round off the vegetable quota  I simply steamed some broccoli and frozen peas.

I seasoned with plenty of black pepper as usual and voila. If anything some fresh basil leaves would have finished the dish off! A bit of a summery dish but it certainly filled me with warmth! Of course you could do this with regular spaghetti if you want to up the carb intake, or add in some olive oil if you are low on fats; just adapt it as needed!



50g ready cooked and shredded chicken
1x 97% Heck Pork sausage cooked and cut into small pieces
200g Courgette or ready made courgetti
50g Broccoli
50g Frozen Peas
20g Low fat feta
20g Sundried Tomatoes
50g Plum Tomatoes
50g Mushrooms
50g Red Onion
15g Ready made pesto
Chopped garlic
Salt and Pepper

chef-hat-md Method:

Pre heat your oven to about 180degrees. Chop your plum tomatoes, mushrooms and red onion and then toss in a roasted dish with the pesto and garlic. Season with some black pepper and then put in the oven for about 20minutes, or until they turn soft and almost caramelised.

Untitled design-22

Meanwhile chop up the sundried tomatoes, feta, chicken and sausage.


If you don’t have a spiraliser or ready made courgette, then using a speed peeler to get thin layers of courgette and then slice into thin strips.  Then put into a pan with a dash of water and cover for a few minutes until starts to soften a little bit.


Steam the broccoli and peas for about 2-3minutes.

Once vegetables have been roasted and steamed, just put everything into a large pan together and stir. The juices from the roasted veg and the melting feta will create a bit of a sauce so there is no need to add any extra. Toss in the pan until everything is combined and heated through, season with plenty of black pepper (and some ripped basil leaves if you have any) and serve!


Give it a try and Happy Cooking!


Love Abi xxxx


Ps I followed this with a big bowl of porridge to meet my carb intake for the day 🙂






  1. Sophie Banks
    15th January 2016 / 7:18 pm

    Love this recipe, Abi! I’ve just had ‘courgetti’ with chicken, mushrooms, spinach and bean sprouts… will be trying your recipe another day for sure xx

    • 15th January 2016 / 8:43 pm

      Thanks Sophie! That sounds lovely too! xxx

  2. Chris
    17th January 2016 / 9:52 pm

    Can you come and cook for me please??

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