March Favourites

It is that time of month again when i collate some of my favourite things, fitness and non fitness to share with you all. Let me know what you think!


Tesco Frozen Smoothie

It’s the timIMG_7200e of the year when all the supermarkets start bringing out their summer products, with Ice-cream obviously playing a key role. I spotted this new range of frozen smoothies in Tesco and had to get myself a couple to try. I chose ‘Apple, Pear and Kiwi’ as I thought it was quite an original flavour, and also Strawberry, Mango and Banana.’ They are both delicious, I probably prefer the latter as to me it is a little more creamier, but i could quite happily eat them both! There were a couple of other flavours in the range which I will definitely go back and try.

The macros and calories in them are really good, especially in comparison to regular ice cream. In fact you could eat the whole tub for 325 calories if you so wish! But per 63g serving which is a plenty, (okay, maybe i have two servings at a time!) there are only 65calories; 1.2g Fat; 11.7g Carbs and 1.8g of Protein. Absolutely perfect for that end of day treat, if only it were a little warmer and we could enjoy it outside!
£2 per tub.




Aldi Milk LolliesUntitled design-58
Aldi’s version of the Mini Milk. These come in a pack of 8 a
nd I think there were 3 chocolate, 3 vanilla and 2 strawberry ones. Each lolly is under 30calories! Fat<0.5g; Carbs 4.7g and Protein 1g. There are quite small but if you are the type of person who just needs a little something sweet to round of a meal then these are great. Really tasty, the chocolate one is obviously my favourite!



Grenade Carb Killa bars

Untitled design-59.jpg

I have been a fan of the Grenade Carb killa bars for quite some time, I find them much tastier than quest bars and like to have then on hand if I am ever away from the house and in need of a protein packed snack. This month they released the latest flavour which was White Chocolate cookie. OMG, they just taste like a milky bar! I would recommend this flavour and the Caramel Chaos. Not a huge fan of the Fudge brownie or Cookies and cream. The macros and calories are: 216 calories, 22.4g Protein; 15.2g Carbs (of which 5g is Fibre) and 8g Fat.
I picked up a box of 12 from muscle food for £20.99.

Zanna Van DijkIMG_7679.PNG
If you like some of my work, then you will really enjoy following this girl. She is originally from Beverley but now lives in London, and is a bit of a social media star which a great blog, Facebook page, instagram, snapchat and youtube channel; as well as being a model and reading her own fitness clothing line. Along with two of her friends she has created the Girlsgains movement which encourages females to live a healthier, better lifestyle. Zanna creates delicious recipes, informative blog posts and entertaining youtube videos on all things health and fitness related. I find her extremely inspiring whilst still being ‘real’ and showing what her life is really like rather than just the perfect snapshots that some social media accounts show.



Plank extension with crunch

I saw Millie Macintosh doing this exercise on Instagram and decided to give it a go. It is a great exercise combination which targets your glutes, core and shoulders.
Get into the high plank position; wrists, elbows and shoulders inline. Try not to let hands go too far out in front as this places unnecessary strain on the shoulder joint. Then lift your leg up towards the ceiling before crunching it in towards your chest, breathing out as you do so. Repeat on each leg 10 times to begin with!

You can see two of my clients Caroline and Jude performing this exercise below but I will have an instagram video of it up ASAP!

Untitled design-60.jpg


Is there anything you have been particularly loving this last month (apart from Easter Eggs!!) which you think I need to sample and try out? Let me know!

Any feedback is always welcome!


Love Abi xxx



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