March Favourites 2017 – What I have been loving this month!

March favourites coming at you, a few days late but hope you don’t mind!

Morrisons Moroccan Style Cauliflower Cous Cous
Carrot spaghetti, butternut squaffles, courgette sheets, there is no shortage of new low carb vegetable alternatives in the supermarkets at the moment. I am a big fan of them, they are great for bulking out meals and getting your daily vegetable intake up! Morrisons have just come out with a new Moroccan style cauliflower cous cous which I have been loving this month. I find normal cauliflower rice can be a bit beige and boring without any seasonings or additions, so was pleased when I saw that Morrisons had taken this hassle away for us! It contains Pepper, Onion, Sweet Potato, Spring Greens, Chickpeas and Dried Apricot, as well as Moroccan seasonings. For 100g it is only 43 calories. I have been enjoying warmed up with salads or as a side dish with chicken tagine!

Morrisons moroccan style cauliflower cous cous review

Morrisons Eat Smart Pesto

A little bit of pesto can transform any meal as the flavour is so strong! However some of the standard jars can be very high in calories due to the nuts and oil which they contain. This jar from Morrisons is great at only 20 calories for 10g, and 10g is all you need per portion. I have been enjoying stirred through courgetti with sundried tomatoes and chicken for a quick and tasty meal after work.

Morrisons Eat smart pesto

Aldi Hike Protein Bars
You do not need protein bars, however they do come in handy from time to time when you are on the go and just need a little something to keep you going. Unfortunately, they can still be quite expensive to purchase as opposed to a regular chocolate bar, and some of them actually contain a lot more calories. I spotted these ones in Aldi at the beginning of the month and decided to give them a try as they were only about 60p per bar. No they are not as nice tasting as my usual favourites Grenade or Oh Yeh Bars!, however they are convenient and cheaper. They remind me a bit of the naked bars in texture but about twice the size. There is a chocolate, banana and berry flavour in the range and they are about 170 calories per bar.

Aldi Hike Protein Bar Review

This is my random item of the month! But I have been loving Kiwis recently. They contains five times more vitamin C than an Orange! I have been loving having them just chopped up in my yoghurt bowl at the end of the night in addition to berries.


Chimp Paradox – Prof Steve Peters
On my quest to read 30 books this year, one of my good friends Chris surprised me with this book in the post. ‘This book will change your life if you let it,’ were the words on an attached note. I would highly recommend this book to anybody, whether you struggle with anxiety or damaging thoughts or not. This book has enabled me to try and be clear with my thoughts and realise when ‘my chimp is taking over.’ When problems have arisen I have been trying to think of the solution (using my human brain) rather than focusing on the feelings it has given me (my chimp). With all self help and development books, you do not change over night however I do believe that I have started to implement some of the teachings within this one. It is now full of highlighted passages which I will go back and read over to really solidify what I have read. The mind is a curious, crazy and interesting thing and I don’t think we will ever completely understand how it works. Get it here.

The Chimp Paradox - march favourites

Morrisons Apple and Elderflower sparkling water
This has been my fizzy drink of choice in the fridge to kill any sweet cravings which I might have been having from time to time. I love elderflower flavoured things and this one is lovely and summery.

Apple and elderflower sparkling water - morrisons

Favourite Exercise – bottoms up KB Press
I saw this exercise on a recent Youtube video by Amanda Bucci where she was having a training session with coach PJ Nestler. He explained how you don’t need a heavy weight and it will set your core on fire. I tried it out first and then have had a couple of clients do the same with great results!

So those are my March Favourites for 2017, hope you enjoyed reading them and maybe picked up on a few ideas to try! As always if there is anything which you have been loving and think that I need to try let me know!

Love Abi xxxx

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