6 reasons why you need to lift weights!

Last week I uploaded a blog on the benefits of bodyweight training so this week I am going to address my main love – lifting weights and the benefits which you will find from implementing some form of this into your weekly training schedule!

6 Benefits of lifting weights

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#1 You will feel strong
Rather than focusing on what you look like or how many calories you are able to burn in a session (which is so unreliable), lifting weights gives you another focus. You want to get stronger each week and beat your previous best. This might be lifting the same weight from an extra rep, increasing the weight of the dumbbells or just trying out a new exercise for the first time. Lifting weights will make you feel like a badass.

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#2 Fat Loss
Most people think that in order to lose fat they have to spend hours running or going through the motions on one piece of cardio equipment, this is not the case. Fortunately more and more people are beginning to realise that they can achieve fat loss goals in a different way, a much more enjoyable way. Lifting weights will build muscle which in turn lead to greater fat loss as muscle is more metabolically active than fat. (Ie muscle burns more energy than fat) So you will be burning more fat as you go about your day.

#3 Reduced risk of injury
Strength training will benefit not only your muscles, but your whole musculoskeletal structure including your bones, tendons and ligaments meaning that you are less likely to get injured. It is also a huge preventative of osteoporosis. Weight training will also increase your joint stability, mobility and flexibility.

#4 Improve your health
We not only want to look good on the outside, we need to feel and function well on the inside. Strength and weight training has been shown to impact on a lot of health markers in scientific research. This includes but doesn’t stop at; reducing the risk of diabetes, reducing the risk of heard disease, reducing the risk of cancer, improving brain and cognitive function, combatting depression and anxiety and decreasing blood pressure. Who doesn’t want to achieve all of these things?


#5 Improve your balance, posture and coordination.
I always include some form of one legged work in client’s and my own programmes which helps with balance and coordination. This is in fact one of the major improvements which I see over time, from wobbling all over the place performing a bodyweight lunge, to being able to do no trouble and with heavy weight.

#6 Increased confidence
Not only confidence in the gym, but how you carry yourself in the outside world. Your self esteem will rise as you find yourself achieving things which you never thought possible. Improved confidence and self esteem will increase your happiness and overall lead to a better quality of life!

These are just 6 benefits which I have mentioned! There are tons more. There is no need to be intimidated by the weights room. Ask an instructor for help, find a routine online to follow or watch a youtube video. Your confidence will grow as you start to do it more and more.

Let me know if you would like to see a blog on how to best set up a weight training programme!

Love Abi xxxx

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