Learn something new everyday : week ending 11th March 2017

I have had a super crazy week this week, I have absolutely no idea where the time has gone! I am loving this challenge to myself, to learn something new every day isn’t easy though! Sometimes it has got to 8oclock at night and I am frantically googling something. I have got my Mum and sister involved though and they are sending me messages when they learn something which they think may be interesting to pass on!

Update on #30B430

> I have been reading ‘The Chimp Paradox’ by Prof Steve Peters which was kindly gifted to me by a really good friend. I have really been enjoying this book and the concept which he is explaining. You have different arts to your brain which effect your thought process in different ways. You need to train the ‘chimp’ part of your brain to get the best out of life. I will hopefully have finished this by the end of the week which will be my 4th book out of 30!

> I have kept up with a photo everyday

> I have seeds, some plant pots and some soil. I just need to plant them.

> I booked tickets for my Dad and I to go to Sheffield United vs Oldham away in a couple of weeks!

> I visited somewhere beginning with the letter ‘A’ last weekend; Aldwark Arms for sunny dinner. It was lovely, and I also managed to tick of trying a new ice cream flavour; black treacle!

> I have started researching laser eye surgery and photography courses.

> I managed a Squat Rep PR in the gym; 62.5kg 3×4. So working my way up to 75kg slowly!

learn everyday

So back to what I have learnt everyday this week…

5th: Muscle Growth occurs because of two main pathways. Muscle Protein Synthesis and Myonuclear Domain Theory

6th: Dynamic and Static stretching make no difference to DOMs of the risk of injury. See my blog post on stretching HERE!

7th: In a powerlifting meet, the squat and bench press have two commands which you must follow; the deadlift only has one.

8th: The Maldives is made up of 1190 islands in total, grouped in a double chain of 26 atolls. An atoll is a ring shaped coral reef which either fully or partially encircles a lagoon.

9th: The Banana is the the UK’s favourite fruit and we purchase 5 billion of them every year.

10th: Camels have a life expectancy of 40-50 years.

11th: The Balkan Peninsula consists of ten-and-a-half countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, the Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, and the European part of Turkey.

Until next week! Have a good one!

Love Abi xxxx

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