5th: Even though the Earth is 75% covered in water, less than 2.5% of it is fresh water, and only 1% is available to be consumed by humans.

6th: Gin helps tulips grow and stand straighter.

7th: The worlds tallest man on record was 8ft 11

8th: In 2011 49% of UK adults had low levels of numeracy which is GCSE C standard

9th: The largest cabbage in the world weighed about 62.71kg!

10th: Jamie Foxx’s real name isn’t Jaime Foxx. It is Marlon Bishop, he changed it in order to stand out at an audition in order to stand out.

11th: Cape Verde is a former colony of Portugal.

Love Abi xxxx

Ps I have also learnt that the universe hates me as it really does snow every year on February 9th ?

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