June Favourites

The SIXTH edition of this blog post for 2016, crazy. Hope you enjoy and are tempted to maybe try out a couple of my recommendations. As always if you have something which you think I need to try or I am missing out on, then let me know. I am always scouring the supermarkets looking for new macro friendly treats or ideas!

Franks Red Hot Chilli and Lime

Untitled design-20.jpgI cant believe I haven’t mentioned this on my blog before now as it is practically a daily staple in my diet! As you know a lot of sauces and dressings can add tons of calories to what otherwise could be a healthy meal, but I am all about making sure flavour and taste comes first rather than eating boring plain food! So this sauce (as well as the other couple from the same range: Franks Red Hot Sauce and the Wings Buffalo Sauce) come in so handy to pack a punch to anything which you drizzle it over. I love the zesty citrus flavour and kick of chilli from this one when I pop it on my salads, vegetables or use it as a dressing for tuna. It is practically zero calories, as long as you aren’t using the whole bottle!

Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich

Untitled design-19

It wouldn’t be a favourites post of mine without some sort of ice cream or sweet treat on here would it! After reviewing and enjoying Aldi’s version of the ice cream sandwich, I came across these badboys whilst shopping in Morrisons and popped them in the trolley as they were on offer. The macros are slightly better than the aldi ones at only 4.8g Fat and 16.6g Carbs and 113 calories per sandwich, although if I were being slightly picky they are a little bit smaller! They have the unmistakable taste of an oreo biscuit with a creamy ice cream centre. What I love about these is that I can have just one and be satisfied rather than be let loose with a tub of ice cream and a spoon, promising myself I will only have one portion which certainly never happens!

Spiralised Butternut Squash

Untitled design-18

Yes I have jumped on the spiralised vegetable bandwagon. I do like the courgette version, but sometimes find it goes a little bit mushy, whereas this version holds its shape a lot better and is more reminiscent of spaghetti! Plus in my opinion it has a lot more flavour. I have been loving cooking it in a pan with just some salt, pepper and garlic; then serving up alongside my meat sauce (see here for recipe) or I have even been adding them to my big salad bowls. At only 6.8g Carbs and 36calories per 125g serving, it really is a great replacement and volume filler if you are looking to cut a few calories but still enjoy a big meal. I get mine from Morrisons, but I believe almost every supermarket does their own version now.

FullSizeRender 8Plum Tomatoes

*Random favourite alert* These taste absolutely incredible at the moment, and if you are still buying cherry tomatoes, I recommend that you swap for the plum version next time you go shopping. They are super sweet and I could eat the non stop!

PG Tips Pear and Caramel Green Tea

FullSizeRender 29
It has been a while since I changed up my green tea flavour, the lime one from tetley’s has been the staple in my cupboard for such a long time, but I saw this new release and as I am a sucker for anything caramel flavoured I had to give it a go! It is actually the pear flavour which is most prominent, but I find it quite unusual to have pear flavoured anything so it is quite nice for a change! There is also a new strawberry cupcake flavour which am I yet to get my hands on but certainly sounds intriguing!


One Carb Waffles

I follow a few fitness bloggers and vloggers from America, and had been seeing them post a recipe for these one carb waffles over and over again. They looked so good that I actually invested in a waffle maker from groupon in order to try them out! Since doing so they have become my nightly macro capper pretty much everyday. So easy to make and feels like a real treat. The PEScience Snickerdoodle protein is my flavour of choice, and because it is a mix of whey and casein protein it means that the waffles aren’t dry which you can tend to find happens when you use just a whey protein in any type of baking. I add some zero calorie syrup, berries and some fromage frais and it feels like a naughty dessert. If you don’t have a waffle maker you can still use the same mix but rustle up pancakes instead! Recipe coming soon!

Fibre 1 Chocolate brownie

IDShot_540x540One of my angels pointed me in the right direction of these brownies a few weeks ago! I had heard of the brand once again through American bloggers as they are a big brand over there but hadn’t seen any of their products reach our shores until now. These brownies taste just like the real thing, but for only 87 calories. Okay they are pretty small, AND TRUTH BE KNOWN I could probably eat the full box. But I have been able to restrict myself to only one at a time. Warmed up in the microwave for 10-15secs and they go all gooey and melty. Absolutely delicious. There are only 5 in a box, so a little bit expensive in comparison to similar products. But for the macros they cant be beaten. There is also a lemon version which I need to get next time I am in Sainsburys to try.

Renegade Rows/Renegade Row to Press/Man Makers

I have been ‘enjoying’ the few variations of this exercise recently. I say enjoy in inverted commas simply because whilst doing them I question why on earth I started. They are a brilliant full body exercise which you can feel working immediately. The man maker version involves a burpee style jump at the end of each rep and is the toughest progression of this exercise. I have a link to a video of me performing them on my Facebook page if you are unsure on form.IMG_9777.PNG

Over and out!

Love Abi xxxx


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