Holiday packing list: Fitness essentials!

Although I don’t stick rigidly to my workout and eating regime whilst I am away on holiday, I do enjoy to keep active whilst still enjoying some down time and of course sampling all the local delicacies. It is important to allow your body and mind to have a break and recharge. But I also love experiencing new activities or trying out new gyms which i may stumble upon. I know that in two of the areas of Thailand which we are visiting this time there are two amazing gyms, in fact probably two of the most well equipped facilities I have trained in, and I can’t wait to get back there and have a workout.


Thai Boxing lesson in Patong, Phuket 2014.

Whilst away, I have done yoga looking out to sea, tried out thai boxing, gone swimming and snorkelling with tropical fish, hiked up to some incredible viewpoints, done sprints on the beach as the sun rises; oh and trained shoulders next to Arnold Schwarzenegger…no big!! Not your typical day to day gym workouts like back home. Keeping fit and healthy is just a part of my life now and I can’t imagine not wanting to be active; even when on holiday.




Golds gym, Venice Beach, Los Angeles 2015.


I don’t think I have mentioned my love for ice-cream recently, but said ice-cream gets consumed even more than usual whilst I am away, so to counteract this I do like to get active and keep my calorie input and output balanced to some extent! The added carbs also provide extra fuel for some supercharged workouts!

Untitled design-12.jpg

workouts are certainly a bit sweatier on holiday too!


I am such a foody and love trying out new dishes and flavours whilst i am away, I don’t restrict myself but I am mindful of what I am eating. I tend to stick to a protein based breakfast such as eggs and vegetables, very similar to what I would eat at home, I will have something small at lunchtime like a chicken salad or soup, and save myself for a big meal on the evening, being in Thailand this will usually be my favourite Pad Thai Gai or some sort of curry. Most of all I don’t stress about it and I don’t attempt to count macros at all. My mindset is that I will enjoy myself and eat what I like, and if I do end up putting on a few pounds, it won’t take long to sort out when I get home. The experiences are much more valuable than spending your time worrying and stressing out about how many grams of fat are in that delicious nutella and banana pancake…

Untitled design-11

just a snapshot of some of my culinary experiences whilst away!

In regards to drinking, I make sure I drink a lot of water everyday, it is even more important as the heat can cause you to get dehydrated very quickly. I don’t tend to drink a lot of alcohol but I will enjoy a few drinks and cocktails if I fancy it, coconut mojito anyone?!

I do always take a few key bits away with me which I have found useful not only for when I am at the final destination but also for any long travelling in between. In typically unorganised fashion I have left my packing until the day before, but I thought I would share with you what essentials I do plan to take away with me.
Trainers – I usually travel in my trainers to save room in my bag, they are also incredible comfy and easy to take on and off whilst on the flight, not to mention good if you need to run to the gate to avoid missing your flight!

Ipod + Headphones – I am sure nearly everyone takes these with them on holiday now anyways. Although i like to take in the atmosphere if I am training at a new location, sometimes you need your own music for some added motivation to workout in those small strangely equipped hotel gyms!

Workout Clothes – Seems obvious, but taking workout clothes gives you no excuse, plus who wants to hike up a mountain to that spectacular view in a bikini, flip flops and beach dress?!

Resistance bands – These don’t take up much room and you can be creative and get a good workout in even if your hotel gym isn’t the best equipped or you can only work out in your hotel room or apartment. I will be taking my small bands and doing some quick glute and leg circuits this time that is for sure.

Skipping rope – Again this is useful if you don’t have access to a gym and you want to get a quick cardio session in. 30 seconds of skipping 30 seconds of burps and repeat 8 times, simple but hard!


Protein powder – I usually take a small bag or a few sample sachets of protein powder in my hand luggage. I find it especially useful to have on long journeys if i don’t have access to good sources of quality protein or snacks.

Protein bars – Again i always have a couple of these in my hand luggage and main suitcase, just in case I get hungry and snacking options aren’t the best! (To be fair i usually have one in my handbag at all times even at home! You never know when that wave of hunger is going to come!)

Multi-vitamin and Nutri-Greens – I sometimes find it that little bit harder to get in my daily fruit and vegetables whilst away, or more specifically the amount which i am used to having. Even though there is usually a huge array of fresh fruit and vegetables on offer sometimes some meals can be lacking in them, therefore I like to have my nutri-greens every morning just as a back up to ensure that i am getting in all the essential micronutrients.

Fingers crossed I haven’t forgotten anything!!

Love Abi xxxx

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