What’s in my gym bag?

Sometimes when I go to the gym with the intention of training myself after clients, it looks like I am moving in with the amount of bags which I have! I am now in the habit of getting changed in between ‘work’ or ‘play’ which has hugely benefited my own workouts, but then I also have a bag full of other ‘stuff.’

I get questions about what I actually have in there and whether it is necessary, so I thought I would do a blog post on the subject! I have also done a video which you can click on down below!

what's in my gym bag

Gym Bag – Olivia & Joy
I got this bag whilst I was in LA back in October, I am pretty sure I didn’t pay as much as $98 for it but that is the price on the website. I love it, mainly down to the colour combination but also because it is nice and big with lots of pockets!

Nike Metcons 
I purchased these about a year ago as I wanted some specific shoes for squatting in. They are great because of the flat sole and I always feel more confident and sturdy doing squats (Especially heavy ones) when I wear them. I always carry them in my bag and put them on at the gym so they haven’t been outside at all!

I have a cupboard full of different shakers. I swear it expands on a weekly basis. I like the smart shakers because they have detachable compartments where you can store protein powders or supplements when you are travelling.

Hip Circle – Slingshot 
If I could pick just one piece of gym equipment to have, this would be it. I use my hip circle in every gym session. It is great for activation and warming up your legs before your main workout. I love using it at the end for glute (bum) supersets as well, in particular crab walks and glute bridges. I prefer this one over other bands because it is a bit more sturdy, the rubber loop on the inside ensures that it doesn’t slip down your legs, and I just find it has more tension in it so feel it more!

Weight Belt – Harbinger

I use my weight belt on my top sets of squats and deadlifts, I don’t use it for every set and rep. It just allows me to create more tension in my core area which helps with the actual big lift. They are not necessary, but personally I find it helps reduce risk of hurting my back when I use one.

Workout Diary
I cannot stress the importance of having a proper plan based on progression when you enter the gym. How do you know if you are progressing unless you write things down? It enables you to check back over previous weeks and sessions and track how you are getting on. I just have a regular notebook; each session has a separate page where I will write down the date, time, how I am feeling that day and then the actual lifting session including sets, reps and weights.

I am also extremely OCD and have a different coloured pen to distinguish between upper and lower body days…

Beats by Dre Headphones
I need music in the gym, it helps me zone out and really concentrate on my session. I now make sure I also have my charger with me as too many times i have turned up and they have been out of battery! I love my Beats as they cancel out all noise, I cant hear anything else except my own music playing.

Liquid Chalk – MyProtein
I use this to help my grip on big lifts such as the deadlifts, rows and pullups. I find that by using a little bit of chalk my grip doesn’t give out as quickly as the muscle which I am trying to work. Females especially have less forearm strength, so on exercises like the deadlift, it is their grip which will tire before their legs. By using chalk we can help alleviate this and work the muscle for a bit longer.

Lifting Straps 
This is another bit of kit which I like to use to help with my grip on certain exercises. These are just cheap ones which I have had for years. You wrap them round your wrists and the bar which you are lifting to help with grip.

Ankle Cuff
I have one of these to be able to attach to the cable machine at the gym and perform exercises such as glute kickbacks, abductions and adductions.

Squat Pad 
This wasn’t actually in my bag but I think it would be useful to leave a link to where I purchased mine from in case you are after one. This is essential if you are doing heavy flute bridges and hip thrusts to protect your pelvic area and make it a bit more comfortable. You can also use it if you experience pain from the barbell on your back when you are squatting.

Resistance Bands
I have a simple long resistance band which I will use for warming up and sometimes stretching at the end of sessions.

Like to keep spare headbands in my bag in case I forget them, or if I am doing cardio and want to keep my hair off my face.

Deodorant and Body Spray.
No explanation needed. Don’t be that stinky person in the gym.

Hand Towel
Have one on hand, especially if you know that you tend to sweat a lot when working out, make sure that you clean up after yourself!


Rice Crispie Square
I have some sort of fast acting carbs in my bag just in case I am in need of some extra energy during sessions.

Protein Bar – Grenade Carb Killa
If I am lifting after a morning of clients, then sometimes I will need to just have something on hand to eat and help fuel my sessions. Or if I am not going to be able to get a proper meal in within a certain amount of time these are useful to have. You must be tired of you telling you by now but the Grenade Carb Killa bars are my favourites!!

Hopefully you found this post useful!
Any questions, let me know in the comments down below and I will be happy to help.

Love Abi xxxx

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