Guest Recipe…Moroccan Kebab

This weeks recipe comes courtesy of my little sister Hannah. She comes up with some really good meal ideas! I think half of the photos we send to each other on whatsapp must be of food we have either made or would like to try! In fact, when we go to LA in October, I am pretty sure it is just going to be a tour of various restaurants, supermarkets and food outlets! (In between trying out all the cool gyms and workout classes over there!)


We have similar taste buds and this is defo something which I shall be trying upon my return! The photos even make it look super summery! Hannah used lean minced beef but I am sure it would work out great with chicken, turkey mince or lamb. The tzatziki adds a fab freshness to the dish. A couple of my clients have been making this to go with some of their meals recently too, a great option if you like to have a ‘sauce’ with your meals.

You could replace the ‘cauliflower’ rice with regular cous cous or rice if you prefer, or even some quinoa.



*Pitta filling:
100g meat (I used lean mince beef)
moroccan spice mix
lemon juice
fresh coriander
salt & pepper
30g red onion
50g pepper
50g courgette
25g asparagus

*Cauliflower rice:
100g cauliflower rice
10g sundried tomatoes
50g salsa (ready made)

50g cherry tomatoes
50g grated carrot
50g cucumber
25g pomegranate

50g greek yoghurt
40g cucumber
3g crushed garlic
Lemon juice
fresh mint

Mix the meat with the spices, coriander and lemon juice, and allow to marinate. I left for an hour, but would recommend longer if possible!

For the tzatziki, add the juice of half a lemon, 40g cucumber and a small amount of crushed garlic to 50g greek yoghurt

Mix your meat with the asparagus, onion, courgette and pepper, and more seasoning (same as used for the marinade), and place under the grill

Whilst this is cooking, make up your salad. I used grated carrot, cucumber, tomatoes, spinach and lettuce, topped with some pomegranate to get that sweet/summery taste. Add some coriander, lemon juice and black pepper to season.

Fry the cauliflower rice with some sundried tomatoes and spinach at the same time
Toast your pitta bread, and cut in half

Add some mint to the tzatziki, and spread a little inside each half of the pitta. Then add some of your salad, finishing with your grilled mix. Repeat with the second half of the pitta

If you have any grilled mix left over, simply mix into the remainder of your salad!


Thanks again to Hannah for helping me out with this post.

If you have a recipe which you think people would like, then let me have it to share! Meal ideas are always appreciated by everyone!

Give this a go.

Love Abi xxxx


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