Grilled Stuffed Mushrooms

Perfect summer side dish. Love mine served up alongside some steak! Tasty and super low calorie.


k0722718De-core and peel two large portobello mushrooms and season with salt and pepper before putting into an oven for about 10minutes on 200degrees.

k0722718Chop the discarded mushroom cores along with 30g red onion and heat in a frying pan with some frylight and ready chopped garlic. Add plenty of black pepper.

k0722718Add in 50g chopped fresh plum tomatoes and stir.

k0722718Take mushrooms out of oven and split the mixture between the two. Top with a little bit of blue cheese if you like, then pop back in the oven and allow to melt for a couple of minutes.



Love Abi xxxx


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