Fitness and Nutrition Q&A – Who is Abi Durrant?

As promised in the last blog post, here is my more fitness and health related Q&A!


Q: How did you get into fitness? 

A: I have always been sporty growing up, swimming, netball, tennis; I played everything and was encouraged to do so by my parents. I started going to the gym when I was about 16, in preparation for a schools hockey tour to Australia, but it was never something I really got into at that time. I would spend a bit of time on the treadmill, before mooching through a few sets of weights which I had seen other people doing. My passion really began when I finished university and I realised I had gained a bit of weight by my standards which I didn’t like. I started back at my local home gym and soon I was doing every spinning class going believing that cardio was the only way to lose the weight I had gained.  And although I certainly felt fitter, I wasn’t seeing the desired changes in the mirror. I had become friends with one of the instructors there and it was him who encouraged me to try lifting weights and guided me through my first few sessions. At first I was certainly apprehensive, but once I started to see the changes in my strength and body, I fell in love and I haven’t looked back since.

Q: When did your goals for being in fitness start to gain traction?

A: Once I started lifting weights, it soon became a sort of addiction; I couldn’t get enough of it. I started following fitness blogs, YouTube channels and reading articles online, I was always trying to find new exercises or programmes etc. I wanted to look like the females I was reading about online and in the magazines. I began to take my nutrition more seriously; realising that I wasn’t going to reach my goals if I didn’t. I definitely went through the whole chicken, broccoli and rice phase, but luckily not for long as it was around this time that the movement towards flexible dieting was taking hold and I soon became a follower of this lifestyle. It soon became apparent that this was a passion here to stay and I was approached by a local bootcamp to start helping with sessions and it was this that gave me the kick-start I needed to start my Gym Instructor course.

please excuse the mess in the background!

please excuse the mess in the background!

Q: What is your approach to fitness? 

A: Fitness should be part of your life, not take over it. It is a journey, not a quick fix. I don’t think people realise how simple they need to do things in order to get the results they are after. Personally I go through different periods of training now, there are times when I just want to lift super heavy and see how strong I am, whereas other days I will enjoy a sweaty cardio session on the spin bike or simply going for a long walk. I follow a flexible diet, which the majority of time is full of fresh whole foods, but normally always allow for some sort of treat at the end of the day.

Q: If you could go back and give yourself one piece of health/fitness advice what would it be?

A: On the fitness side, I would tell myself to start lifting weights sooner and stop being so scared of getting ‘bulky’! In regards to nutrition, I would tell myself that eating less definitely isn’t better and to stop depriving yourself, tuna and rice crackers certainly isn’t a fulfilling meal!

Q: What is your favourite body part to train? 

A: Glutes or shoulders! It definitely tends to vary between the two. I love the feeling of completely exhausting a muscle group!

Q: What does a typical day in your diet look like?

A: Breakfast – a big veggie scramble with courgettes, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, ham and cheese.

Snack – something like a bag of popcorn or some fruit and yoghurt

Lunch – a mountain of salad with chicken or occasionally steak

Dinner – I always base my evening meals around a protein, a ton of veggies and a carbohydrate as it is usually my first meal post training.  My current favourite meals are shredded chicken with sweet potato wedges and salad, cottage pie or chicken and vegetable curry with rice.

image (13)

I eat A LOT! Just a couple of examples of my evening meals.

I eat A LOT! Just a couple of examples of my evening meals.

Dessert –Greek yoghurt mixed with protein powder, zero calorie jelly, berries, choc shot and rice cakes. I usually need a big bowl for this concoction as I use it to finish up any macros I have for the day!

Q: Goals for the future: 

Morning hike up Runyon Canyon in LA. Would love to have this on my doorstep one day...

Morning hike up Runyon Canyon in LA. Would love to have this on my doorstep one day…

A: Ultimately it would be my dream to move to California and become a Personal Trainer over there. I love the outdoor lifestyle and certainly the sunshine helps matters. For now I want to focus on growing my client base and helping as many people as possible; introducing them to new ways of training and eating so that they can see the benefits which I have seen. I want to inspire girls/women that strong is sexy!

Love Abi xxxx

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