February Favourites 2017

February Favourites

For some reason even though this month is only 2 days shorter than others we all seem to think it goes by so much quicker?! Baffling.

I don’t seem to have many February favourites , I had so many in January that I think I have just carried on with more of the same! There are still a few though which I would like to share with you.

I think that I am also going to use this monthly blog post to update you all on my #30B430 quest and how I am getting on with it. If it doesn’t work then I will write up separate blog posts instead!

Digestive Thins Cappuccino Flavour

Okay, so I know these biscuits were in my last favourites, but I hadn’t discovered the cappuccino flavour until this month and it is hands down the best one! The coffee flavour definitely comes through with the milk chocolate topping. Like I said before, the ultimate chocolate to biscuit ratio! You can get them from Tesco!

Digestive Thins Cappuccino Flavour review february favourites

Lidl Crusti Choc Chocolate

This doesn’t have the most appealing name I admit, but the taste more than makes up for it! I have to have some form of chocolate every night, it is what keeps me sane! Even now that I have started my summer diet, I will be making sure to factor some in. We found this one when Lidl opened in Scarborough a couple of weeks ago, it is milk chocolate with like rice crispie puffs in it! The macros and calories are pretty standard for chocolate, 25g is 130 calories but I probably have about half that which tends to satisfy me the majority of the time! It is also in weird blocks rather than the usual squares!

Lidl Crusti Choc Review february favourites

Cauliflower, Quinoa & Harissa Spiced Chickpea Salad from Marks and Spencer

If you have seen any of my youtube videos this month then you will have seen that I have been loving having this for my dinner on an evening. Marks and Spencer have a great range of salads, and they are all now coming back into stock as we are coming into Spring! This one is a new one I think which they didn’t have last year, I wasn’t expecting much but the dressing and flavour combination is absolutely amazing!! They are 2 for £3 which I think is really good value if you are needing something quick and on the go. The calories on some of them are brilliant too, this one is only 120 for the full pack.

february favourites

Beanies Amaretto Almond Coffee

I love my daily coffee. Usually I have the cinder toffee flavoured one from Beanies, however a client encouraged me to try this almond amaretto flavour the next time I saw it on sale! So I picked some up in Sainsbury’s to have and it is really good! Just strong enough for you  to taste the amaretto without it being overwhelming. I usually just have mine black with sweetener but you don’t even need that! They have just brought out some new flavours which I have seen online with added Vitamin D so can’t wait to get my hands on those!

Beanies Amaretto Coffee review february favourites

Box Jumps

I had a huge fear of box jumps, in fact I probably still do. We got some new padded boxes at the gym of varying heights which has enabled me to have a go! Box Jumps are great for increasing your power output which will transfer over to your other lifts as well in the gym. I have been using them as a bit of a cardio finisher as well with myself and some of my clients! I am only using the 18” box at the moment which is nothing compared to some people, but I am building myself up gradually!


Here is an article on by Bret Contreras on the benefits of power training alongside strength.

Natacha Oceane Youtube Channel


I recently discovered Natacha’s channel after seeing she had posted a 10,000 calorie challenge, she can definitely eat! But she is much more than that, I find her content really original and entertaining. She gives out really great training advice and ideas. I would recommend that you check her out for sure.

Jo Malone – Sea Salt and Wood Sage Fragrance
I picked up my first Jo Malone fragrance in duty free at Christmas in the pear and freesia smell, but my sister bought me this one for my birthday as a surprise. It is so beautiful, the smell is just divine and I always get compliments on it when I put it on! They are expensive but I think they will now be my go to fragrance! I want a candle as well for when I am working to create a ‘hygge’ environment (can you tell that is one of the books I read this month?!) but I will need to save up for that one!!

Jo Malone  wood sage and sea salt fragrance review february favourites

Jo Malone Sea Salt and Wood Sage 

So that is all my February favourites; I will do my best to try and find better quality favourites for March!! If you have any suggestions then please send them my way and I will endeavour to seek them out and try!

Love Abi xxxx

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