Exposed: The truth about skinny tea….and other fad diets

Exposed: The truth about skinny tea….and other fad diets

The BBC showed a programme entitled ‘Clean Eating – The Dirty Truth.’  It created quite a stir in the fitness and health industry so I thought I should write up a blog post with my personal feelings.

Clean eating is just one of the many current ‘fad diets’ which are popular in the health and fitness industry. There are 100s, so in this blog I just want to address a few which I think need to be wiped out!

Fad diets | the truth.

Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs.
A carb is a carb. Once eaten, your body digests them all in the same way. It has no idea if you have had brown or white rice. It is a carbohydrate and will process it as such and provide energy for you to function. The only difference will be fibre content. So if are getting enough fibre from other sources and you prefer the taste of white rice, then eat white rice. But again, if you prefer brown rice, have that.

white rice or brown rice

Sugar is what is making you fat.
It is not solely sugar which is making you fat. In fact, over the past few years as the rate of obesity has increased, our consumption of sugar has decreased… ‘But I am addicted to sugar.’ How many people do you see eating teaspoons of sugar, or downing glugfuls of honey? You don’t. They are not addicted to sugar, they are addicted to the combination of sugar and fat in these highly palatable foods such as doughnuts, cookies, cake, chocolate etc. Cut down on these, and yes you will be cutting down on calories, which will lead to fat loss. But don’t single out sugar as the main culprit.

sugar is making us fat

Juice Detoxes/Cleanses
I touched on the word detox in a previous blog post earlier this month. Essentially, your body detoxifies itself, so why do you need to follow a certain plan of only drinking juices to do it for you? You don’t. If you are just drinking these juices everyday and avoiding all other food, then you will be missing out on a serious amount of important nutrients and calories. They are expensive, and surely you miss the taste of actual food rather than just a drink?

Skinny Teas
AKA a laxative in a mug. Tea will not make you skinny. It won’t. There is nothing magical about them at all. They may contain the smallest amount of green tea which some science has shown to improve fat burning (although that is also a bit of a contentious subject, this study is a good starting point to read.), which enables them to be labelled as fat burning. If you are drinking this tea but continuing eating as usual then I’m afraid you are just throwing money down the drain.

Fat Burners
Go in to Holland and Barrett and there is no doubt a shelf dedicated to a range of these tablets and capsules, in fact they are now making their way into your average supermarket as well. Again, they may just contain a small amount of green tea and/or caffeine which enables them to be labelled as fat burning. They are not. If you are after caffeine then just have a cup of coffee instead.

raspberry ketones truth in regards to fad diets

Gluten Free
Unless you have a food intolerance or allergy, then there is absolutely no reason to go gluten free. Bread will not kill you. Pasta is not the devil. A lot of people take these foods out of their diets and say that it is the best thing they have ever done for fat loss. They don’t mention that they haven’t actually replaced these foods with anything else, therefore they have unintentionally created a calorie deficit which of course will lead to fat loss! If you are replacing these types of foods with gluten free alternatives then you are just having the same amount of calories but with less of the taste for no reason….

*But if you do have a diagnosed intolerance or allergy, do not consume.

I just want to finish off by saying that there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods, there are no ‘clean’ or ‘dirty’ foods. Use your brain and think about it logically. Of course some food choices are going to be better for you than others, but labelling them as bad or dirty isn’t right.

Eat what makes you feel good on the inside.
Eat food which makes you perform optimally.
Eat food which will get you closer to your goals.
Eat food which you enjoy.

best diet food

Don’t be scared of food, or overcomplicate things. Do your research before opting for the latest diet which you have read about in your weekly magazine, or what some Z-list celebrity is endorsing.

There is no quick fix. If there was I am pretty sure the NHS would be handing out prescriptions for it.

Fad diets are just that; a fad.

Love Abi xxx

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