What have I been loving this month? My May 2017 favourites.

I love doing these posts as it always forces me to try and find new things to try in order to share with everyone! I try and include a few food items, usually a mix of macro and non macro friendly, books, podcasts, clothing and just random bits in general which have come into my life!

Mixed Berries Frozen Yoghurt – Morrisons
I am always on the look out for new macro friendly frozen treats as it is no secret that I love my ice cream! Morrisons have released two new frozen yoghurts for summer. I have tried them both and have to say that the mixed berry one is my favourite! The fruity ripple which runs through it is so lovely. Per serving it is only 106 calories and there are 4 servings per tub, so technically you could eat the whole thing for just over 400 calories, not that I am recommending that you do! Priced at £2.

morrisons mixed berries frozen yoghurt

Liberté Greek Style yoghurt with a layer of kiwi and apple/strawberry.
I am not a fan of greek yoghurt by itself, i find it way to thick and even a little bit sour. But i spotted these pots in Sainsbury’s with a shiny ‘new’ sticker on them and couldn’t resist picking up to try. They are really good. My favourite is definitely the kiwi and apple flavoured one, perhaps because it is a flavour combination which you don’t find too often. The fruit compote at the bottom makes the yoghurt not quite as claggy in your mouth when eating it. per 100g it is 85 calories, a bit higher in carbohydrates then a regular greek yoghurt due to the fruit but it is worth it! I got mine for £1 from Sainsbury’s.

liberté greek style yoghurt kiwi and apple

Salted Caramel – Fibre One Bars
I didn’t like these the first time I had them, much preferring the chocolate version, but for some reason picked them up again and I have changed my mind! (I featured the chocolate version back in my June favourites last year!)They have been my go to mid morning snack the past couple of weeks with a cup of tea! No, they don’t taste quite as good as a regular brownie, and yes they are expensive for a pack of 5 if they aren’t on offer somewhere, but they taste good! 83 calories per brownie, they taste good straight from the packet or warmed up in the microwave. If you just want something small but sweet then they are perfect to throw in your bag or packed lunch, or have after dinner with a small scoop of ice cream!

salted caramel fibre one bars

Rhubarb and Rose Hand Cream – Molton Brown
I used the hand wash in this scent for the first time at my beauticians, and knew I had to get some for myself. My hands get so dry from constantly washing them throughout the day, as well as having some very attractive calluses from lifting all the weights, so I was in desperate need of a hand cream to make them nice and soft and girly once again! If you haven’t smelt this scent yet then you are missing out, it is absolutely beautiful. I treated myself to some whilst I was in Birmingham, and then my lovely client Natalie also gave me some as a gift. Link to purchase here.

rhubarb and rose molton brown hand cream

Unbalanced Single Arm Row – Favourite Exercise
I first saw this exercise being performed by Amanda Bucci whilst training with PJ Nestler, thought to myself; ‘That doesn’t look too hard, i’ll give it a go.’ Boy was I wrong. The idea behind having one leg in the air and doing this exercise on a bench is to really make you engage the muscles which you are working. You back, arms and core will all be contributing to this exercise. The single arm row has been a staple in my programme as well as with clients, so I have been loving incorporating this version as well.

If I could tell you just one thing – Richard Reed
Richard Reed is the owner of Innocent drinks, he started selling his smoothies on a market stall and has built it up into one of the biggest and most well known brands in the UK. Every time he comes into contact with an influential person, he asks them for one piece of advice, just the one thing which they would share with people. He has spoken to the likes of entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson and Simon Cowell, TV stars like James Cordon, current and former politicians including Bill Clinton, top sports stars such as Andy Murray, basically ‘some of the most remarkable, inspiring and game-changing people in the world – in business, tech, philanthropy, politics, sport, art, spirituality, medicine, film, and design.’ It has been such a good listen, not only to hear what advice people would give, but to actually hear the background stories, albeit briefly, to some of these people, many of which I am ashamed to say I had never heard of. I think the idea of the book is wonderful and have been telling everybody about it! Purchase from amazon here.

if i could tell you just one thing review - may 2017 favourites

So those are my May 2017 favourites, a good mix of things I think this month. I already have a list of a couple of things to share with you next month! But as always if you have anything which you think I would love, tell me! I would love to know, be it a food product, a book, something for the gym, leave a comment down below and let me know!

Love Abi xxxx

> May 2017 Favourites : what have I been loving.

If you don't prioritise your life somebody else will

I love this quote from Greg McKeown, author of the book ‘Essentialism.’ You are in charge of your life, do with it what you want. If you don’t decide your own fate then somebody will decide it for you. Go after what you want, don’t be afraid to take risks and take the path less trodden.

I am so guilty of this, just letting life pass me by and not realising what I truly want. But the year has started off positively and I am trying to change this mindset.

Love Abi xxxx

January Blog a Day 30/31

This is the second edition of my Christmas Gift idea blog, if you event checked out the first issue  where I give you some clothing inspiration then go do that after reading this one!

These are just some ideas which I think any fitness lover would be happy to receive come Christmas Day!

Hip Circle £21.99 @improveyourbench.co.uk
Black Hip Circle - resistance band
Everybody who is serious about the gym needs one of these. Use it for mobility at the beginning of sessions and it is a must for Glute work in my training.

YOUR Bottle! by SHO £14.99-26.99 @ amazon.co.uk
SHO water bottle for gym
I have just purchased one of these bottles for myself, they keep cold drinks cold for 24hours or hot drinks hot for 12hours. BPA free and have a lifetime guarantee, much better for the environment than repurchasing plastic water bottle every week. Now I think i need two, one for my water and one for my coffee!

Hydratem8 water bottle £13.99
Hydratem8 water bottle
If you struggle to get your daily amount of water in then this would be a great idea, with timely reminders down the side of the bottle to make sure you are getting enough throughout the day!

Beats by Dre Wireless bluetooth headphones in Rose Gold £224.99 argos.co.uk
Rose Gold Studio wireless Beats by Dre
I need these in my life. Music is so important to me when working out, read my article HERE, so the fact that these drown out any type of background noise really helps my workouts. I currently have a black pair but upgrading to these is on my wish list! The fact that they are bluetooth is the major plus as it means no caught wires in machines when you are working out!

Carb Killa Protein Bars £19.35 @ amazon.co.uk
Grenade Carb Killa Bars
These bars are the bomb. I have tried my fair share in recent years but these always come out on top. Caramel Chaos and White Chocolate Cookie are in my opinion the best flavours, however I would take a box of any and eat them all up!

Impact Whey Protein from £12 at my protein.co.uk
Myprotein Impact Whey Protein powder
Myprotein is my go to for supplements. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good quality product. The range of flavours is also amazing, Chocolate Caramel and Stracciatella are staples in my cupboard. My affiliate link is: http://bit.do/ABID

Twinings Tea Gift Set £25

Twinings Green Tea Christmas Gift Set

Perfect for  the tea lover in your life. They also have lots of other gift sets with all kinds of tea. Click this link to take a look!

Clean Eating Alice – Eat Well Everyday £14.99 @amazon.co.uk
Clean eating Alice Eat Well Every Day
Alice is my absolute favourite social media fitness person to follow. I strongly agree with everything she posts in regarding to diet, training and life balance. I am so excited to get her book when it comes out as her food always looks so delicious.

Jamie Oliver Super Food Family Classics £11.99
Jamie Oliver Super Food Family Classics
I recently got rid of a load of cookery books as I simply didn’t use them as I now tend to just google ideas and recipes; however the only ones that did remain belong to Jamie Oliver! Not a week goes by where I don’t have a flick through for some inspiration or follow one of his recipes. This book goes alongside the recent TV programme where he goes over and ‘healthifies’ family classics. I think it is great that at the bottom of each page all the nutritional information is listed too. I cant wait to try the Squash and Ricotta Ravioli!

Beanies Coffee Stack Box £6
Beanies Coffee - stack box christmas idea

One of my favourite coffee companies out there simply due to the amount of flavours they have! My favourites are Cinder Toffee and Vanilla, but they have also just brought out some special edition Christmas flavours including Mulled wine and Christmas Pudding! The 6 box stack is a great idea as you can pick and mix your flavours of the coffee lover in your life!

I hope this post has given you some ideas on what to buy your loved ones this Christmas! I think they would be very lucky to find any of these things wrapped up under the tree on Christmas morning!

Love Abi xxxx

The weather has turned absolutely miserable, which means all I want to do is curl up with my big chunky cardigan and socks on, with a steaming bowl of homemade soup!

Abi Durrant, Personal Trainer

Inspiration for my recipes comes from everywhere; social media, celebrity chefs, restaurants I have visited, cooking programmes etc. But the idea for this soup came from one of my clients who said they had had some parsnips this past week. My brain started whirring and kicked into gear, I made a trip to Morrisons and just bought ingredients which I thought would work and set about making it once I got home. From idea to bowl within the space of about an hour!

Food market in Ubud, Bali

I used a curry powder blend which I bought in Bali, but any shop bought blend would work fine. Or why not make your own with some ground cumin, ground coriander, and tumeric? The aromatic taste and spiciness to this soup makes it a bit different from your usual vegetable soup. Yummy!

Healthy curried carrot and parsnip soup

Low in calories, high in nutritional value but also low in protein so make sure you make up for it with the rest of your meals throughout the day! This soup will keep on the hob or in the fridge for about 3 days, or you could freeze it and save it for a rainy day!


Ingredients: (makes about 4 portions)
1 leek
1 stick of celery
3 parsnips (about 350-400g)
2 carrots (about 250g)
1 tsp ready chopped garlic
1 tsp ready chopped ginger
1 litre of stock
2 tsp curry powder
Salt and Pepper

How to?
Dice the celery, leek and carrot and add to a saucepan with some salt and pepper. Cook for about 3-5 minutes whilst you dice up the parsnip. Add your parsnip, curry powder, garlic and ginger and give it a good stir. Allow to sauté for about 5 minutes.

Healthy curried carrot and parsnip soup
Add your stock and bring to the boil, before returning to a simmer for about 25-30minutes (or until the vegetables are soft).

Using a stick blender, blend to desired consistency. Have a taste and season with salt and black pepper!


Nutritional Information per serving:
98 Calories
3g Protein; 20g Carbs; 1g Fat

What are your favourite soups? Give me some inspiration for my next recipe!

Love Abi xxxx