A frequently asked question… ‘What can I snack on?’

I must get asked this at least once a week. I find it a little bit difficult to answer as snacking isn’t something which I do all that often, I personally tend to stick to bigger meals across the day which I have found keeps me more satiated and full.

But I recognise that this isn’t the case for everyone so here are some of my top tips for snacking.

One of the main problems I see is the lack of protein in peoples diets, one way of increasing this is by swapping one of your snacks out for either a protein shake or a protein bar. My current favourites are the Snickerdoodle Protein powder by PEScience or Chocolate Caramel from MyProtein. In terms of protein bars, here is a link to the blog I wrote on my top 5! (pssst Cinnamon Twist Combat Crunch is number 1!)


Not quite as easy as fruit to have on hand to snack, but if you are prepared then chop up some carrot, cucumber, celery, red pepper, and pop in some tupperware to have at hand if you get a case of the nibbles. You can always add a little bit of hummus or peanut butter as a dip.


I would recommend whole fruit here over smoothies or juices. Somebody told me they had made up a juice with a banana, an apple, some strawberries, two kiwis, some frozen blueberries and orange juice. Could you eat that all in one go? Nope, but I bet you would down a juice in no time. Eat your fruit, don’t drink it. My favourites include strawberries, melon and apples.


Low Carb options
Rice cakes, Alpen Light bars, mini bags of popcorn, rich tea biscuits, fibre 1 brownies. All of these options will come in at under 100 calories and feel a bit more ‘treat like.’


10 Calorie Jelly – Strawberry and Raspberry are my favourites. Tip into a bowl with IMG_0115a serving of fromage frais or greek yoghurt for a filling snack.



Weight Watchers Layered Fromage Frais yoghurts – I like these because they have a balanced profile of protein and carbs, only 50 odd calories per serving. The cherry one is my favourite.



Untitled design-58Aldi Mini Milk Lollies – At less than 40 calories, these are my go to if I just want something cold and refreshing.




Dark Chocolate – I try and buy the mini bars from Aldi to engage some form of portion control. The higher cocoa content the better, but I also like the Sea Salt version which they do.



Diet Drinks – Sometimes just having a glass of diet Lilt, or Pepsi Max will get rid of any cravings I may have.



Cottage Cheese/Babybel/Laughing cow triangles – strange one, but works.




What are your current favourite snacks? Is there anything I need to rush out and try? I am always on the lookout for new products to try and share with my clients so let me know!


Love Abi xxx

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