6 benefits of bodyweight training and sample free workouts to try yourself!

What are the benefits of Bodyweight Training?

You always hear me harping on about how good weight and resistance training is and why in my opinion everybody should be performing some variation on a weekly basis. However, I realise that access to a gym isn’t available to everybody and therefore they need to be able to put together workout routines which they can do at home or outside. This is where bodyweight training can come in handy.

bodyweight training

Bodyweight training does have its limitations, but there are also a lot of benefits!

#1 It can be done anywhere
You don’t need a fancy gym set up or any weights to do a bodyweight circuit. I especially like to do them whilst I am on holiday! If you are just getting into fitness and are intimidated by the gym setup, it can be a great starting point.

#2 It can be challenging for any fitness level
You can tailor workouts to suit anybody. From the absolute beginner right up to the super advanced, there is a way of putting together an effective workout routine.

#3 It’s free
You own your body, no need for a gym membership.

bodyweight training - the benefits

#4 It can vary up monotonous gym sessions
No gym session should be monotonous or boring, however if you are in a bit of a rut, throw in a 20 minute bodyweight circuit and reignite that fire!

#5 Certain bodyweight exercises will target multiple muscles at once
Bodyweight exercises force you to use your core for stability as you work out instead of relying on outside support such as machines and benches.

#6 Bodyweight exercises can combine both cardio and strength training
Think about how much your heart rate increases when you perform a simple burpee? This type of exercise can therefore be a more efficient way to workout.

HOWEVER, there are a few limitations.

> There are only so many reps of burpees and bodyweight squats you can do and in order to see results you need to be progressing over time, i.e. making things harder.

> Plyometrics are not for everyone. They are very high impact and the force through some peoples joints is just too much and will cause injuries.

> Not everyone has a safe place or area to work out at home. Plus, training outside in the winter isn’t the most fun…unless you live in LA.

> It can be hard to motivate yourself.

Here are a couple of routines from an upcoming project (wink wink) which I am working on for you to have a go at…

bodyweight training workout

bodyweight training workout

Give these a try and send me a snapshot!

Love Abi xxxx

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