Best Alcohol Options when trying to lose fat!

I am a big believer in the saying that ‘fitness should add to your lifestyle rather than taking anything away‘. It is inevitable that at some point you will want to go out with friends and loved ones or celebrate a special occasion and have a few drinks whilst on your fat loss journey; therefore rather than saying ‘NEVER DRINK ALCOHOL AGAIN’; it is much more realistic for me to try and suggest some tips some smarter calorie drinks swaps.

It is also the end of the night takeaway/day after munchies which are a problem to a lot of people. Yes you really want that pizza at 2am in the morning, but do you really need that extra 2000-3000 calories which could wipe out all the good work which you have accomplished the rest of the week? My guess is probably no.

If you plan ahead and make a few simple swaps, a night on the town shouldn’t derail you too much from your overall progress towards your goals.

Planning ahead may take the form of:
martini.jpgEating less calorie dense foods during the day when you know you will be enjoying a few glasses of something on the evening.
martiniChoosing the smarter alcohol options whilst you are out
martiniHaving a soft drink or water in between alcoholic ones
martiniAvoiding the takeaway shop if possible
martiniMaking sure you have plenty of fresh food and vegetables in at home so you don’t reach for the takeaway menu when the alcohol munchies hit!

Losing fat is all about being in a caloric deficit, and yes alcohol contains calories; some alcoholic drinks a lot more than you may realise!

I have done some research and come up with a few friendly swaps which you can make and save on some calories whilst still enjoying yourself!

Untitled design-82I normally recommend to clients that clear spirits and diet/low calorie mixers are the better way to go. So choosing diet coke, soda water or slimline tonic instead of red bull, coke and fruit juices when possible. 



Untitled design-83

If bars and restaurants carry the lower calorie bottled beers then choose those over their higher calorie counterparts.




Untitled design-84


Skip the fruit ciders.






Add soda to your glass of white wine and half the calories per drink.






Cocktails contain a lot more calories then you may realise, a Long Island Iced Tea could set you back as much as 780 calories! A couple of those and you have almost wiped out your daily allowance! Instead try and choose ones with less ingredients and ask for them to be made without sugar where possible. A skinny Mojito, Martini or a Whisky Sour are all good options. Try and stay clear or Daiquiris, Margheritas or Pina Coladas.



Alternating between water and alcohol will not only save you some calories, but will also save your headache the following day.
Avoiding the takeaway shop I know is a lot easier said than done when you are starving and in search of a taxi, but try your best! If you really must give in to your cravings, I would suggest either going to Subway and picking up a sandwich with lots of chicken and salad, or if the kebab/pizza shop is the only option go for a plain chicken kebab with plenty of salad, skipping the garlic mayo and other sauces.

Be prepared and make sure you have food in the house for the morning after. Here are just a few simple tips, but only you know what you normally crave the next day!

fried-egg-drawing-823654-fried-egg-isolated-on-white-drawn-in-toddler-art-style.jpgYou can make up a healthy fry up by choosing low fat bacon and sausages and serving with some scrambled eggs, beans and tomatoes.
hamburger.pngHave some homemade burgers prepared and ready to go.
imagesMeat, vegetables and rice for a healthy stir fry or homemade curry.
pizza.jpgHomemade pizza using a plain tortilla as the base.



Don’t let your fat loss journey stop you from going out and enjoying yourself; these are just a few of my tips to try and help you remain on track when faced with a night out or an event!

Biggest tip = Don’t stress out. Enjoy yourself. And if you do go a little bit off piste, just jump straight back on track, don’t put off until the following day/week!
Have a lovely Bank Holiday.

Love Abi xxx


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