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Hello and a big welcome to my little piece of the internet!

I’m Abi, a Scarborough based personal trainer and nutritional adviser. Sports nut, ice cream connoisseur and travel lover. In essence I am passionate about all things health, fitness and nutrition related.


I have always been sporty and was part of every team possible when growing up, as well as making the fortnightly pilgrimage to Bramall Lane to see my beloved Sheffield United play. But it was only a couple of years ago when my real love for the health and fitness industry took a much bigger role in my life. My enthusiasm was ignited when a personal trainer at my local gym encouraged me to start lifting weights, and I haven’t looked back since!

IMG_6290I now love weight training and pushing myself to beyond what I initially thought I was capable of. I love watching the changes in my physique as I become stronger. I love that feeling of achievement when I reached my goal of doing 10 pull-ups in a row or I beat a personal best for my deadlift/squat/bench press etc. And it is this desire to continually strive to be better which has me itching to go back for more each time.

image (18)Ask anyone I know and they will vouch for the fact that I love m
y food. I am a massive foodie and certainly the first in line for dessert!  Food is something which you should enjoy, not be deprived of. My diet is non restrictive, I eat all food groups with plenty of fruit and vegetables whilst enjoying treats along the way.

I have completed my diploma in personal training as well as qualifications in nutrition and I am constantly developing my knowledge in this ever changing industry. I never fail to learn at least one new nugget of useful information each day.

It is now my aim to use my experience and acquired skills to help as many people as possible. The feeling you get from a good workout or from cooking and eating a great meal is infectious, and I want to help spread it to as many people as possible.

Let me help you become an improved version of yourself!


Abi xxxx



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