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Today marks 6 weeks and one day until I board that aeroplane to Thailand where I will be spending the Christmas and New Year period with my family. This will be the fourth year that we as a family have done a similar trip at this time of year; I always get asked whether it’s weird spending Christmas abroad in the sunshine. Personally…I couldn’t think of anything better! I love escaping the cold bleak weather of the UK at this time of year and recharging my batteries with some much needed vitamin D. I am incredibly lucky. This year we have decided to spend the full duration of our trip in Thailand, however in the past we have incorporated visits to Vietnam and Malaysia. I love to travel and experience new cultures, and my bucket list of places I would like to visit is continually expanding all the time. Thailand will always hold a special place in my heart though. It is such a beautiful country, the people are so generous and the food is incredible.

New Years Eve 2014 - Koh Phangan

New Years Eve 2014 – Koh Phangan

New Years Eve 2015 - Patong, Phuket

New Years Eve 2015 – Patong, Phuket

I have been enjoying my training, lifting heavy and eating plenty since I returned from America in the summer, and whilst I have still been tracking my food intake and recording all of my weights sessions, I have allowed myself to go slightly off track every now and then (yes I am referring to the numerous tubs of ice cream that have been consumed/tested!). So, with 6 weeks until I will be back in a bikini I want to try and dial it in a little bit and trim some of the excess fat which I have gained over the past few weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I know I am not fat, and I don’t have all that much to lose, but personally I want to feel confident when I am around the pool or on the beach, and this means that those extra few pounds need to go.

look at that view!!! Bophut - Koh Samui

look at that view!!!
Bophut – Koh Samui

From where I have been the past few weeks, things won’t change drastically at all. Like I said I have still been tracking my macros fairly consistently, but I have found myself eating extra spoonfuls or just ‘trying a little bit’ of things all too often, especially on an evening. Therefore my goal for this first week is to simply stick to the macros which I have set myself. No drastic cut in calories of carbohydrate intake, I am just going to aim to be more compliant.

In regards to training, I am just going to continue with the training split which I have been following the past few weeks. I have been enjoying my workouts and pushing myself lifting heavier each week therefore I see no reason to change things for now. I am doing 3 lower focused lifting sessions and 2 upper focused sessions, as well as 2/3 cardio sessions. I also still have the goal of a 115kg deadlift by the end of the month which I certainly feel is possible as training for this lift in particular has been going really well, I have pencilled in next Monday to try and test this. I realise that this is actually November but a couple of days doesn’t bother me!

Morning sprints with a view...

Morning sprints with a view…

This morning I have noted down all my measurements and taken progress photos, which is actually the norm for a Monday morning. I find it really useful to track changes in my body through different types of measurements rather than just focusing on one variable. For example, my scale weight may not change considerably from one week to the next but from looking at photos I can see that my legs are looking leaner or my waist circumference has come down. For me seeing progress is a major motivating factor for success. I always tell anybody who I am working with to take progress photos, as it is hard to see changes in ourselves on a daily basis which can become demotivating, however when you look back over time and see where you started and compare, they can show huge differences.  I use the app FitStitch on my phone for taking photos, this app dates your images for you and allows you to make snapshot before and after comparisons which I find really useful rather than having to scroll back through my complete photo library, instead all my photos are kept in one place. I don’t set myself a target weight as such, however I do know from past experiences at what weight I will look and feel my best at, but I won’t let that little number on the scale bother me too much.

Progree photo comparion using FitStitch App

Progress photo comparison using FitStitch App

I do like to train whilst I am away, but I obviously scale it way back and don’t get overly stressed out if I can’t find a gym. A huge part of being away for me is trying new foods and enjoying meals out with my family, (as well as the big buffet breakfasts at the hotels!) so my diet isn’t 100% perfect either. But the whole point of being away is to enjoy yourself and not restrict certain things. Therefore I would like to do a blog post on what my tips are for staying healthy and active whilst on holiday and I will start putting some ideas together for that!

I will report back next Monday with how I am getting on!

Love Abi xxxx

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