5 weeks out… #thailandtime

So how have I got on this first week into my ‘mini-lean-down’?

I have just recorded my weight and taken my body measurements so will address these first. Like I said in the previous blog post I do weigh myself everyday around the same time each morning and note it down on a spreadsheet, it may seem a little over the top for some people but this way I can see fluctuations day to day but more importantly I can see the general trend over time rather than getting freaked out if one morning my weight jumps up a few lbs. If this is the case, there is normally a reason for it, I may have eaten late the night before, had a bad nights sleep or sodium levels were inconsistent. By tracking each day I then take a weekly average and make any adjustments accordingly. This week my average weight is down 0.3%, nothing major but still a step in the right direction.  Overall body measurements are down, again not by very much, but I know I don’t have a lot to lose, I just want to tighten up in certain areas. Waist and hips are both down, but fortunately the glutes are staying strong!

Progress photos don’t look all the different, however I did feel leaner over the weekend so I know that progress visually has been made. Sometimes I’m just not very good at catching it on camera! I am rubbish at taken selfies!


I have had a couple of untracked meals out this week as met up with friends on separate occasions. But rather than stressing out, I choose ate intuitively and didn’t go way off plan or overindulge. On Tuesday I met up with my friends from University in Liverpool and we went out for tapas and a few cocktails. I do love Spanish food, it is always so tasty! We shared a variety of dishes at the restaurant Neon Jamon in the centre of Liverpool, my favourites were the mini veal burgers and spinach and chickpea salad, so yummy. I would certainly recommend if you are ever in the area. Afterwards we went out for a few cocktails, not many with it being a Tuesday night though! I love Liverpool, it is such a vibrant city and the people are so lovely. Visiting always makes me think about returning to live there.

Then on Saturday I drove through to Leeds to see the girls, we made a quick stop at Nandos for dinner where I chose the Quinoa salad with Chicken. It was my first time trying this dish, as if I’m honest I’m not a massive fan of Nandos! Shock, horror! I just think it’s a bit overrated and overpriced for essentially just chicken! But I enjoyed my meal and catching up with friends. I had trained on the morning, and my post workout meal was mainly protein and veggies so I knew I would be able to fit a meal out into my macros for the day, even though I didn’t track accurately. From tracking my macros for so long now, I do find it a lot easier to judge what I have eaten that day without weighing everything that goes into my mouth! I also knew that by choosing a meal less high in carbs that I would still be able to fit in some sort of sweet treat when I got home to watch X-factor!


The rest of the week was pretty good, stuck to my macros and tracked my intake. Training still felt good and I had no major cravings. This week I am therefore going to keep to the same macros, except for non training days where I will drop my carbs slightly. I have done carb cycling in the past and find that it does work for me, so will see how this small change takes effect this week.


I have stuck to my training plan this week and everything has felt good. I even didn’t mind doing my squats this week! I managed some heavy deadlifts Last Monday, in preparation for testing my 1RM at some point this week (see October goals post), they felt really good and I was pleased with how my form held out. I definitely find that my mindset before I enter the gym has a huge effect on how the session is likely to go; if I am positive and feeling good then the likelihood is that I will perform well and enjoy the session. But if I feel defeated and not looking forward to lifting, then this travels over and everything I lift and do just feels heavy and hard. Having a positive mindset is certainly something I struggle with on a daily basis but I am working on it!

Elite Gym and Fitness - Koh Samui One of the gyms I will be training at whilst I am away! Can't wait to go back, amazing facilities.

Elite Gym and Fitness – Koh Samui
One of the gyms I will be training at whilst I am away! Can’t wait to go back, amazing facilities.

So training will be the same again this week, 5 weights sessions (3lower and 2upper) and 3 cardio sessions. I will also start doing more concentrated abs and core work after cardio. Although I am a firm believer that your abs are a product of your diet and ‘made in the kitchen’; I do enjoy training them and find that personally they are certainly more visible when my body fat comes down if I have incorporated core/abs training into my programming.

I think that rounds up how this last week has gone. Slow progress, but everything is heading in the right direction! Think it’s about time I start scouring the internet for new bikinis!

Love Abi xxxx

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