4 weeks out…#thailandtime

Two weeks in and time for a change…maybe?

One of the reasons I think it is great to get yourself a coach or a Personal Trainer is so that you have somebody who can subjectively assess your progress and work out what is the best course of action in moving forward. When you are your own coach and work out your own macros, it can be very hard to look at yourself and judge what the next step should be as you strive for progress and your own goals. This is certainly an area where I need to practice what I preach and is something I have been thinking about quite a lot in recent weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I know my own body, I know how it reacts to certain foods, styles or training, or when it hasn’t had enough sleep, but figuring out what changes to make to resolve this can sometimes be a little bit conflicting.

This week my scale weight hasn’t changed like I expected it to, and this has played with my mind a little bit. What am I doing wrong? What do I need to change? This is where a coach would be extremely useful, to either tell me I am on the right track and not to worry, or be able to tell me what tweaks I should be making without me second guessing myself.  After taking my measurements this morning, in reality my waist and hips have come down slightly so that is at least some progress! But looking in the mirror and at photos I can’t really see a difference.


I kept my macros the same this past week, apart from on non training days like I said where carbs were dropped very slightly. I cooked a new recipe in association with one of my November goals which was absolutely delicious and I will share with you at some point!

Stuffed Chicken and Stuffed Mushrooms with greens! So tasty!

Stuffed Chicken and Stuffed Mushrooms with greens! So tasty!

I ate out on Friday night with my parents, but as I knew where we were going and what I was likely to have I was able to plan accordingly and allocate my macros. In the end the meal was a big disappointment and I barely ate any of it which was such a shame! Then on Saturday I met up with a friend for lunch at a café in town which I hadn’t been to before called ‘Love Brew Café.’ I chose the chicken and chorizo kebab which came with a mixed salad and huge wedge of bread. As Saturday was a complete rest day, I avoided the bread, (which actually wasn’t a big deal for me as it isn’t something I normally crave or really enjoy!) but wolfed down the rest of the dish which was absolutely delicious! I had all intentions of taking a photo to put up here but it was gone before I knew it! I was also able to guesstimate the macros too as it was quite a simple meal, high in protein and fats but low in carbohydrates. It is easy to eat out and choose good tasty options without going completely off plan!

This week I think I am going to incorporate more low/medium carb days and see how I get on. Carbohydrates aren’t the enemy! However, because I want to lose some fat, this means I need to be in a calorie deficit and cutting down on carbs is one way of doing this. I will do a more informative post of carb cycling to help explain why I do it and the benefits.

Something I do find myself doing is drinking zero calorie drinks to try and curb my sweet tooth, the usual choices being Lilt Zero and Diet Coke. People question why I do so as they are not perceived as ‘healthy’, and yes although it cannot be labelled as a ‘healthy’ drink, it also cannot be labelled as unhealthy (*in moderate consumption!). Scott Baptie of Foods for Fitness explains the reasons why much better than I can, he published this article  which makes great reading and he also spoke about it on a recent podcast with Rich Sennewald.


I managed all my training sessions this week and still managed to lift heavy and target progressive overload on the majority of exercises. I attempted my Deadlift 1RM on Monday, and although I beat my previous PB by 10kg, I was still disappointed that I didn’t pull 120kg. This will come though, and once I get back after Christmas it will be one of my goals for sure! Squats felt good, and I managed 3 sets of 6 chin ups which is the most I have done in quite a few months now. Recently I haven’t been enjoying my second upper body session of the week which is focused on chest and back for whatever reason, but everything felt good that day! Smiles all round.

I have a permanent love/hate relationship with pullups!!

I have a permanent love/hate relationship with pullups!!

I will continue to do the same again this week, but probably add in a further cardio session either at the end of one of my workouts or on a separate day depending on work. But rather than doing it on a machine I think I will make it more of a circuit style training session which I know I enjoy but haven’t actually done in a while!

Our gym has had a bit of a makeover this past couple of weeks, with new machines and equipment scheduled to arrive in the next few weeks. I think we are getting a prowler, so somewhat sadistically I can’t wait to start incorporating that into some conditioning sessions! I have seen so many people use them and explain the benefits but never had the opportunity to have a go myself! Hannah from ‘Wedges and Weights‘ quite often uploads photos of herself using them and I always want to give it a go!

Hannah from Wedges and Weights using the prowler! Hopefully it will be me one day soon!

Hannah from Wedges and Weights using the prowler! Hopefully it will be me one day soon!

So like I touched upon in the opening paragraph of this post, it is at sticking points like this where I think I have reached a plateau that I could do with somebody else giving me their constrictive opinion on what changes I should be making. But since I don’t have anybody, I am just going to make a couple of tweaks as mentioned and see how I get on!

Love Abi xxxx

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