3 weeks out…#thailandtime

Arrrgh 23days to go! Can December the 9th please hurry up?!

So this week has certainly seen a change in the weather here in the UK, temperatures dropping down to around 5 degrees on Friday! Brrrr! Anybody who knows me, will tell you that I am always cold, I am currently sat writing this in my office at home in about 4 layers including ski socks to keep my feet warm! Therefore I am now definitely counting down the days until beach time and feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin. I did invest in a new winter coat last week though, finally ordered myself a down jacket from The North Face which I had been lusting after for weeks, the drop in temperature gave me the kick up the backside to finally get it! And I love it! It doesn’t feel like it should keep you warm and dry as it is so light but I tested it out at football on Saturday and I was nice and toasty for the match, shame about the actual watching football part!

So rambling over, how onto how I got on last week.

My measurements have all stayed about the same, my waist is currently 26 inches and the lowest it has been this year was 25.5 inches so I know I can get it a tiny bit smaller. Hips are slightly down and glutes have remained the same which is a good sign! My scale weight finally started moving a little bit too which is positive, maybe not as much as I would have liked but I am always critical of myself and wanting more! I have been able to see more muscle definition in my shoulders and legs (with the right lighting!) but have been unable to capture photos properly to show it. But on this front I am a bit more upbeat than I was last week.


During the week I find it much easier to stick to my macros, it must be something about having the set daily routine which helps. It is when I have to go to work or go away for the day that I sometimes struggle a little bit. Beginning of the week I cooked a fish pie, I did a macro friendly one for me topped with cauliflower mash and a lower fat sauce, and a not so macro friendly one for my parents! We all enjoyed it though, and it shows that just we can still enjoy eating together even though the meals were slightly tweaked. Dad always enjoys it when I cook and I think Mum likes that she doesn’t have to think of something to have for tea, although I don’t think she was so keen on having to do all the washing up! My house currently smells absolutely delicious as I am trying out a pulled pork recipe for tonight’s tea and will let you know how that turns out next week!

Fish Pie with my favourite green veggies!

Fish Pie with my favourite green veggies!

My sister was home for the weekend which is always nice as we are able to train and cook together; it also meant that on Friday night we went out for dinner as a family. I took this day as a high carb day, but didn’t specifically count macros or stress about what I was eating. We went to The Bluebell Inn at Weaverthorpe, which is about 20minutes away and is well known in the area for serving delicious food. I chose the duck salad starter, followed by fillet steak for my main. I didn’t have a sauce with the steak, and rather than eat all the chips that were served alongside, I simply helped myself to the majority of the veg which was set out to share on the table.  Both dishes were really good. I can’t not opt for a pudding with that sweet tooth of mine, so I ordered the chocolate fondant and my sister had the sticky toffee pudding. Unfortunately the dessert didn’t quit live up to my expectations, it hadn’t quite been cooked enough so hadn’t set at all so I ended up leaving most of it L I woke up the next day at the lowest weight I had been all week, one night off plan (if done sensibly!) won’t completely throw you off plan.

Low carb days aren’t a problem for me, I enjoy eating alternatives such as cauliflower mash, courgette, big salads and my current ‘go-to’ voluminous meal of cauliflower rice. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of creativity (and a few spices!) This week I will continue doing the same, majority low carb days with a couple of higher carb days structured around my leg training.


As my sister was home for a few days I managed to get in a couple of sessions with her this week. We always end up training legs when we’re together and it was no different this time! On Wednesday night we did my squat session together, on paper I really wasn’t looking forward to this session as I was programmed to work up to one set of 5 reps at 90% of my 1RM, hard work, and especially hard when you are dieting! But I think the added motivation of her doing them alongside me and encouraging me helped and I managed all the reps and sets which I had set out to do! It also helps having somebody there to check your form and make any adjustments as necessary. Squatting is something I really want to work on and in January I am going to start on a more structured programme for this. Hannah loves lifting heavy as well and I think she wants to start something similar as well when it comes to her next programming cycle.

I changed my upper body sessions around this week, doing shoulders at the end of the week and back/chest at the beginning. I think I mentioned that I have been struggling for motivation to train back recently so thought that by putting it at the start of the week when I am a bit fresher could help, and I was right. I was a lot happier with how the session went and I think the added energy helped for sure.

If you read my ‘Workout Wednesday’ post you will have seen that I tried a few completely different things this week for my cardio session! You can read about them here. I am going to programme something similar for one workout again this week. The other cardio sessions will remain the same.

Think that is all for this week, hopefully I sound a little bit more positive than maybe I did this time last week! Need reminding sometimes that not all progress is linear or instant, it takes time and patience to see the results you want. But it will all be worth it in the end!

Thanks for reading.

Love Abi xxxx

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