2016 short update…

So I have been back from Thailand for just over a week now and feel like I am finally back into a some sort of a routine. The tan is already fading (insert sad face) and I feel like I am setting off on an arctic expedition every time I leave the house, but you have to come home in order to look forward to the next adventure, at least that’s what I keep telling myself! This doesn’t stop me from visiting the sky scanner website at least once a day just ‘to check’ the price of flights to various places!

I missed out on doing a blog post highlighting my aims and goals for 2016 at the turn of the year, but it is something that I will be working on as I try and formulate some sort of plan for the year. But I thought I would just jot down a few notes on where I am at currently with my training and nutrition!


gym-512I started a new programme at the gym this week as my primary focus this cycle of periodisation has shifted to strength training in the effort to try and gain some muscle. I am only a couple of sessions in and can already see that I will need to make a couple of tweaks but I am excited about this different style of training and hopefully the progress that I am going to see in the next few weeks.


icon2I will still be aiming to do some form of cardio one session a week as not only is it beneficial for your cardiovascular health but I enjoy it!  This may take the form of interval training or even just getting on the stepper for 30 minutes. I will try and keep it different every week I think.


stretchingI have always done some form of dynamic stretching before starting my workouts but I would like to continue to work on my flexibility and mobility. I have starting using my foam roller again as well as ensuring I am fully warmed up before beginning my heavy sets. I do spend the majority of my day sitting down, therefore just spending a few minutes working on my flexibility helps increase my range of motion, work on any tight spots in my body  as well as focusing my mind for the workout ahead.


knifeI was extremely fortunate enough to travel on a few occasions throughout 2015 which meant that I obviously wanted to feel and look good in a bikini, but also meant that I spent the majority of the year in a calorie deficit. I am therefore looking forward to slowly reverse dieting (i.e. increasing my calorie intake over time whilst maintaining a consistent weight), improving my metabolism and eating more! It is extremely important to ensure that you are eating enough in order to build muscle and fuel your performance both inside and outside of the gym. I am not going to go into full on ‘bulk mode’ and eat everything that I can get my hands on under the premise that I “need” it to build some muscle, but rather try and ‘gaintain,’ i.e. add some muscle but with limited fat gain. I will continue to track my macros so that I can see when changes need to be made if progress plateaus, but will be allowing myself a bit more leeway in terms of treats and restricting myself.


I think that is all that I have to share at the moment. I will try and update in a couple of weeks when I am in the full swing of things!


Love Abi xxxx






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