2 weeks out…#thailandtime

Okay, so last week I was prematurely complaining about it being 5degrees….temperatures were into the minus numbers over the weekend and not much higher this morning! I had to go out and turn my car on to defrost for five minutes before leaving for the gym this morning, and I may have own my coat for the first ten minutes after I arrived whilst trying to get my body up to a reasonable temperature! I think it is one of my goals in life to live some place where the weather isn’t an issue, you don’t have to plan ahead how many layers you need to put on, or what shoes you have to wear just in case it rains or is muddy! I am certainly a beach babe at heart, and need to find a way of fulfilling that dream somehow. I saw this morning that Air New Zealand are releasing 100 flights to Los Angeles for £199 on ‘cybermonday’ for February time, so if I am feeling like this next week I may just have to book my next trip!!

Measurements time: So my average scale weight has come down a little this week, but my measurements have all remained similar, except for my legs which have gotten smaller. One thing I am pleased about this time round is that my glutes have managed to stay the same size, last time I tried to ‘lean down’ when I went to America they lost about 2 inches in size! But I think incorporating higher volume training and more glute focused circuits at the end of my leg days has really helped to maintain muscle size and the look of them. I had such a good glute and hamstring workout on Saturday morning, everything felt great, I did try and take a few photos but like I have said before I am rubbish at selfies!! Progress photos don’t look any different to last week in my opinion, but I am yet to do a side by side comparison with my start point from 4 weeks ago as yet.



I have really enjoyed my food this week and have mixed it up by cooking a couple of different things. I started the week cooking a joint of pulled pork for the very first time, and it turned out delicious! Plus there was enough to last me a few meals. Such a cheap and easy method too, the meat only cost me £2 from Morrison’s and I must have got 5 meals out of it. I made my own bbq sauce to go with it too.


My new favourite vegetable of the moment are….sprouts!! I just can’t get enough of them at the moment! And before you start making faces of disgust, bear with me; I haven’t just been boiling them down into a soggy mess, but rather trying out different recipes to make them super tasty! My favourite is currently slicing them up and steaming with Worcestershire sauce, garlic and bacon! I am going to do a separate blog post on different ways to cook them I think, maybe make it into a mini-series with other foods over a few weeks.


Homemade pulled pork, cauliflower mash, sprouts and other veggies!

I have been doing 3 low carb days followed by 1 higher carb day recently and it seems to be working.


I absolutely cannot wait for the food in Thailand; it must be my favourite type of food. Pad Thai or Tom Yum or Papaya Salad are my three most ordered dishes but I am always trying out new food or interesting sounding meals. I am a lover of spicy food so that isn’t a problem for me over there, the more red chilli the better! (Plus it’s good for ramping up your metabolism!) One of our favourite things to do as a family over there is going to Swensen’s which is an ice-cream parlour originating in San Francisco. We order the ice-cream fondue to share, which is made up of a platter of fruit, brownies, wafers etc, 9 flavours of ice cream and then a dish of melted chocolate! It is heavenly! My mouth is watering just thinking about it! I definitely make sure I have done some sort of training on the day or the day after to compensate that’s for sure!


THE best ice-cream dessert in the world. (Although I am open to testing out any others that there may be!!)


It was the return of heavy deadlifts on Monday. It was quite a high volume session working at higher percentages of my 1RM, culminating in a set of 5 at 90%. Unfortunately after one rep I knew I wasn’t going to get out anymore, so dropped the weight and re-did the set at a lower percentage. I wasn’t overly concerned about this, as I realise that my strength is likely to suffer from dieting and not being in a calorie surplus. But as long as I am still testing myself and working to the max of my capabilities I can’t complain. All other sessions went well, especially my hamstring and glute session like I mentioned at the top of the post. I could really feel all my targeted muscles working in every exercise and it just felt great!



A little glass of Prosecco or Kir Royale is my tipple of choice when I am treating myself and I am looking forward to one this weekend!

This week I am away for a couple of days over the weekend visiting my best friend in Manchester for ‘Christmas Dinner’ seeing as I won’t be having a traditional one this year! This will no doubt mean a few extra calories, some festive drinks and a couple less training sessions. But I am not going to stress out over it, but rather stick to my macros and planned sessions throughout the week, and then enjoy myself at the weekend. I will try and allocate macros accordingly throughout the day so that I can enjoy the extra treats or meals planned but if things don’t fit, then so be it. It may just mean an extra session of cardio next week that’s all! Life is for living and enjoying, not stressing out over hitting macro targets every single day or completeing every single rep in the gym. At one stage I might have been so anxious about going ‘off plan’ that I would have considered cancelling the whole weekend, but now I know that I will be able to go away, eat sensibly and enjoy myself without panicking that I am reversing all my progress from the past few weeks!


That’s all for this week!


Love Abi xxxx






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