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I can’t actually believe that it is only 9 sleeps until I board the plane, I know everybody always says it but I literally cannot believe how quickly 2015 has gone! It barely seems any time since I was boarding the plane to Thailand in April for my best friends wedding! Crazy. I cant wait for some down time to reflect on the year just gone, but also to conjure up new goals and aspirations for the year to come. I feel like there are some big changes which need to be made in my life and a period of reflection whilst lying on a beach is maybe just what I need.

This morning I received an email from Air New Zealand about their ‘cybermonday’ sale which I had actually forgotten about although I did mention in my last post. The offer was 100 seats at £199 from London to Los Angeles being released at 10am. I was intrigued. The thought of travelling alone has always scared me, but is something which I think I need to get over, and LA is one of my absolute favourite destinations which I have visited in the past. So at 9:59am I logged onto the website just out of curiosity rather than anything, just to see if these flights existed. They did. I had one in my basket. £199 for a return flight to LA, leaving February 3rd and returning on February 15th. But I didn’t press the purchase button. Something held me back for some reason and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. It would have been an amazing opportunity and at this point in time I am seriously regretting my lack of bravery. I always post motivation quotes about living your life to the fullest and taking opportunities but I didn’t take my own advice and do that this morning.

Instead of dwelling on the disappointment in myself, I need to focus on what I can learn from this mistake:
I need to be brave.
I need to learn to take a chance even if it scares me to the bone.
I need to focus on what will make me happy and chase it.


Okayyyy, so slight deviation from the topic but it was just something which I needed to get off my chest and down into words I think! Hopefully I will be able to look back on this post as some sort of turning point further down the line….

Progress this week has plateaued, but expectedly so. Like I mentioned last week I spent the weekend at my best friends in Manchester celebrating Christmas! It was such a lovely weekend =. I managed to finish my gift shopping at the Trafford centre on Friday afternoon before meeting her for dinner at an American restaurant there. I chose the chicken fajitas which were lovely, I didn’t try and estimate the macros but I had accounted for eating out with my choice of meals during the rest of the day.

On Saturday even thought the weather was vile, (I seriously hate winter!!) we ventured out to the Christmas markets. It was such a shame about the weather as we could have spent ages looking round all the stalls and sampling all the lovely offerings but it was just so cold and wet that it became miserable and more of a chore to stay out! We did pick up a few naughty treats though!


Champagne injected chocolate strawberries and an oreo brownie were the two treats we decided to pick up for ‘Christmas dinner’ dessert!

Then on Saturday evening we had Christmas dinner with all the trimmings (and a couple of compulsory glasses of fizz to accompany it!!) Delicious. Christmas food is probably the main thing I miss whilst being away over the festive period, but I feel like I have had my fill now!

I was expecting my weight to be up this morning, taking into account holding onto some water but it was consistent with last week. Waist and hip measurements are down too, but so are glutes unfortunately although not by very much. I was also pleasantly surprised by my progress photos, which I will wait to insert in next weeks final chapter post.


Like I just said, I have had a couple of ‘untracked’ days with being away at the weekend, however I was mindful of what I was eating whilst still enjoying myself, i.e. I didn’t buy the huge variety of chocolate goodies on offer at the market but instead just chose a couple of the most tempting and enjoyed them with Laura. The beginning of the week all went well, I did keep it relatively low carb with knowing I would be away at the weekend but that worked fine. My obsession with sprouts continued and hopefully you have seen my post of the different ways I have been enjoying them recently!


My mouth is watering just looking at all this chocolate goodness again!

This week I won’t change things too much, as there is no reason to go super low with my calories. I am only going on holiday and therefore can see no benefit in dropping them to the point where I am starving all the time. It will only increase my cravings and the tendency to overindulge as soon as I step foot on the plane come next Wednesday. By keeping it sensible, I hopefully won’t rebound whilst I am away. I want to be able to maintain the shape I have gotten myself in to, whilst obviously being able to enjoy myself and be less restrictive.


As well as being away for a couple of days which impacted on my training and meant missing a few sessions, I also came down with the beginnings of a cold during the middle of the week. I dosed up on echinacea, paracetamol and vitamin C which seemed to fend off the worst of it, but I did listen to my body and have an unscheduled rest day to try and help recovery rather than just pushing through and making it worse.

At the beginning of the week I did miss one of the programmed sets of deadlifts at 5reps at 90% which I was gutted about at the time. It was my grip that gave out rather than my strength which was annoying. This week I tried again but with some chalk as advised by a friend, and all my reps felt much more secure and so much better. Think that is an investment I will need to make.

Really enjoyed(!!!) squats this week. I was able to record most of my sets this week which really made me concentrate on both form and depth. Even though it was only me reviewing the footage, it really held me accountable doing my sets and I could tell that I was getting out sets of really good reps. I am excited to start a more focused strength programme in the new year and see how heavy I can really go.

Untitled design-4

The gym has now installed most of the new equipment, as well as a prowler and farmers carry, I cannot wait to incorporate all of these properly in my new programming when I return in January.

Untitled design-3

Training will continue the same again this week, except I will increase cardio in two of my sessions. This will just increase my calorie defeat slightly and hopefully get rid of those last stubborn areas of fat which still remain.

Right I am starving so off to cook some dinner! (sausages and cauliflower mash just in case you’re interested!)

Love Abi xxxx

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